The Best Hollywood Drama Films You’ll Never Forget

The Best Hollywood Drama Films You’ll Never Forget
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To Live!

2010 / Drama, Crime / Russia

The little guy is a prominent motif of Yuri Bykov’s debut film, but it is explored in a novel manner. Because they “live by the rules,” that is, because they follow the rules, choose heroism, and are capable of a feat, this person is more dangerous than the typical movie “predators.” And as real life demonstrates, the protagonist of humanistic art is frequently capable of cruelty, or at the very least, a rational deed, in which there is less room for honour and far more room for the lowest truth about a person.


2013 / Drama / Russia

simultaneously the most anxious Russian movie of the decade. On his way to the maternity hospital, the police major accidentally knocks the infant to the ground and then chooses to change his mind, leaving the young mother alone, accusing his coworkers, and disappointing everyone. As a result, the mother of the slain child must also become a victim since it will benefit everyone if she does. Friends turn into enemies, police impunity starts to work against the policeman, and everything flips upside down. There is just passion, sorrow, and terror in Yuri Bykov’s design; there is no escape. It is one of the best Hollywood drama films.


2003 / Drama, Thriller, Mystery / South Korea

The ruthless and stunning Korean masterwork ended up surpassing the original, Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. Here, revenge is carried out in pyrotechnics mode and is accompanied with dramatic self-destruction after a lengthy prison sentence. Later film enthusiasts created legends about it, recounting the movie even without greatly intensifying the colours.

The Salesman

2016 / Drama / France, Iran

Following “Divorce of Nader and Simin,” Asghar Farhadi again searches for a subject that would be relatable to everyone. again opened it in an odd way. Because Iran is so small, it is impossible to hide, the husband will find the individual who sexually assaulted his wife before any police do. The viewer anticipates a tragic conclusion, but there can be no other. Just be prepared for it to be unbelievably heartbreaking and incredible. And the Oscar is this.

Naked Lunch

1991 / Drama / Canada, UK

Cronenberg has long been fascinated by the characteristics of the blending of human physiology and psychology with extraterrestrial components. Because of this, the production is based on the cult novel, in which Cronenberg paid close attention to the specifics of the relationship between humans and insects as well as the creative tortures that always result in mutations that are ever more horrifying than the last. Fans of the book have frosty reactions to the movie, but the broader public is immensely pleased.

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