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A good action-thriller or survival movies need not necessarily rely on an engaging or mind-bending one. You will watch a pure action film with no expectations of a breathtaking plot twist, and one can look past the childish and hackneyed premise and still have a good time.

The Call

USA, 2013

I wonder where the cold-bloodedness and serenity come from in the voices of the people working on the hotline. Through it all, “Alarm Call” just pulls back the curtain and tells the story of one 911 call center employee. Jordan, played by Halle Berry, receives a call from a teenage girl kidnapped by a maniac. “Where are you?” I’m in the trunk. ” How to save her life in such a situation with just a phone is an instruction everyone will find useful.”

The Gift

USA, Australia, China, 2015

There’s some strikingly unobtrusive suspense in “The Gift,” which keeps you in suspense. Through the silly screaming, shrieking, and palm-covered eyes, the Married couple Simon and Robin move into a new home together and overall. They’re doing well, except for one. Soon after they move in, they meet Simon’s old classmate, Gordo. However, the sort of “skeleton in the closet” is the main character. Because behind his friendliness lies a desire to expose Simon and avenge him for long-standing wrongs. Because “The Gift” is a real gift for those who like a leisurely narrative with a gradual build-up of tension in the best tradition of suspense.

10 Cloverfield Lane

USA, 2016

It is unlikely that many people have heard about this film because it has not been widely advertised. Although it was filmed in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. However, Would you have believed, waking up after an accident in some basement or bunker, that you had survived? However, a chemical attack and that this place was the only way to save you? Here, too, the main character, Michelle, doesn’t believe it. Maybe for nothing, maybe not.

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