A Selection Of Romantic Films For Couples On February 14

Romantic Films For Couples On February 14
A Selection Of Romantic Films For Couples On February 14
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Get ready for a journey of love, laughter, and romance with “50 First Dates,” “Madly in Love,” “Cinderella,” “Paris, I love you” and “The Great Gatsby.” From the heartwarming story of a man trying to win the heart of a woman with short-term memory loss. And to a timeless fairy tale of love and courage, to a visually stunning retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, these films transport you to different eras and countries as they celebrate the complexities and joys of love. So grab a box of tissues, sit back, and enjoy these romantic films timeless tales for couples in love.

“50 First Dates”, USA, 2004

Comedy, Drama, Romance

“Every kiss is like the first if your girlfriend has amnesia” is the slogan of this soulful film starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

Henry Roth, having fallen in love with Lucy, did not suspect that he would have to conquer her every day. The fact is that after the accident. The girl had memory problems and by morning she forgets all the events of the past day. But Henry doesn’t give up. For the sake of love, he is ready every morning to start life from scratch. And throw the whole world at the feet of his beloved …

Madly in Love, Italy, 1981

Comedy, Musical, Romance

This is one of the best romantic films in the world, besides, Adriano Celentano turns it into a real masterpiece. Ordinary bus driver Barnaba Cicchini falls in love with the princess played by Ornella Muti. Remember, this couple looked very good in the movie “The Taming of the Shrew”? In the romantic comedy Madly in Love, everything happens the other way around. Celentano is trying to woo the beautiful princess. This light and the pleasant film is filled with Italian charm, although many film critics consider it a parody of Roman Holiday. If you want to know how the incredible love story will end. Watch Celentano sing serenades under the window of his beloved woman and miraculously make his way to a social reception. I wonder if a high-ranking person can fall in love with a simple but charming hard worker. A unique love story and one of the best romantic films for couples.

Cinderella, USA, 2015

Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance

You are waiting for another adaptation of the famous fairy tale, in which the director repeats the classic plot without making any additions to it. What is the feature of the film, the budget of which is 95 million dollars?

This is a very beautiful, one might say luxurious, film with spectacular outfits, picturesque landscapes and chic scenes. It is best to contemplate such magnificence on the big screen. You will see masterpiece hairstyles, dresses, and carriages in the film, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stop playing frequently and admire every frame.

Lily James plays Cinderella, Cate Blanchett plays the stepmother, and Richard Madden plays the Prince. You will not find associations with modernity in the film, deep psychologism in the depiction of characters, or a philosophical canvas. Get ready to just enjoy a beautiful and elegant plot with a pleasant musical accompaniment – the film is worth it!

Paris, je t’aime, France, 2006

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Among romantic love films, this collage film seems very unusual. As it consists of 18 five-minute love stories that took place in different Parisian districts. Each story has its own director and actors. And the task before them was very difficult – to fit a whole love story in five minutes. The most amazing thing is that they succeeded, so at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 the film was a great success.

An incredibly positive film will make you look at the world from a new angle, and give hope and faith in love. Together with Juliette Binoche, Gerard Depardieu, Natalie Portman, and other famous and unknown actors. You will walk the streets of Paris, sit in traffic jams, fall in love, part, suffer and hope for the best. Touching, funny, sad, and sometimes scary stories are woven into one picture of the world, where there is nothing accidental. Even vampires fall in love with this incredible movie! The variety of points of view on love resembles a mosaic, each element of which reflects a whole life with its own philosophy. In general, it’s impressive!

The Great Gatsby, Australia, USA, 2013

Drama, Romance

Romantic films starring Leonardo DiCaprio are always brilliant. This film, based on the novel by the famous American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, tells about love that is born in New York in the 20s. It’s amazing that in an age of jazz parties, smuggled alcohol, and mass corruption, people are capable of such feelings. It seems incredible!

A pure, sincere, sublime and completely impossible feeling is real even in an age of hypocrisy when everything is bought with money – a luxurious life, friends, and reputation. Can you buy love? Watch The Great Gatsby, immerse yourself in the dizzying fireworks of life at the beginning of the last century, and… appreciate each other. It is one of the best romantic films for couples.

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