Top 6 Cinematic Action Thriller Movies

Top 6 Cinematic Action Thriller Movies
Top 6 Cinematic Action Thriller Movies
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In this introduction, we will explore the Top Cinematic Action Thriller Movies. Each movie offers a unique story with an unforgettable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. These movies showcase a great way of storytelling. “Un millón en la basura” from 1967,  Fast forward to 1969 with “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, “Brazil”, from 1985, “Rocky IV,” from the same year, and the  “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” from 1996 are amazing movies. “Un millón en la basura” from 1967, is a classic Spanish comedy movie Pepe laments his fate and the filthiness of the Madrileños until he gets a wallet with a few thousand pesetas bills. And his life changes. 

Fast forward to 1969 with “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” is a James Bond espionage and thriller action movie with Christmas in the background. In 1985, Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” stands out as one of the weirdest Christmas movies, showcasing Gilliam’s perpetual fascination with the holiday season. In 1985, “Rocky IV” unfolds as a classic underdog boxing tale where Rocky trains his friend Apollo Creed for a match against the Russian boxer Drago, who tragically kills Apollo in the ring. Move on to 1996 with “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” an action thriller movie with a Christmas background written by screenwriter Shane Black. and finally, 1997’s “L.A. Confidential,” is a classic Christmas movie based on James Ellroy’s novel. The plot consists of sexual corruption disparity with Christmas carols. These films promise a mix of comedy, action, drama, sports, and crime mystery.

Un millón en la basura (1967)

Pepe (José Luis López Vázquez) eats sandwiches while sweeping the icy capital from the remains of the Christmas festivities. He laments his fate and the filthiness of the Madrileños (“Keep Spain clean!” he bellows. Until he finds a wallet with a few thousand pesetas bills in front of the Retiro. And his life changes. Or not.

The best moment: We all remember the boy lost in the Rastro and the motorcycle with the star of Bethlehem. But the other great Christmas moment in our cinema is Consuelo’s (Julia Gutiérrez Caba) fainting when she sees the tickets.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

A James Bond movie with Christmas in the background? Yes, precisely the strangest of all, the only one starring the short-lived George Lazenby. who, moreover, is congratulated “Merry Christmas, Mr. 007!”. and by Blofeld (Telly Savalas) next to a huge tree with snowballs. colors.

The best moment: John Barry’s best soundtrack for the saga is appreciated in its magnificent dimension. In the chase between skiers with a snow crusher taking care of the clumsiest spies. All James Bond movies have their charms (and are among the best action movies ever ), but few are quite as Christmassy.

Brazil (1985)

From his first job, a montage of Christmas cards for ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ in 1968. Gilliam had always been very interested in Christmas. This film is one of the weirdest movies we can remember. Which includes gifts, parties, carols, a fearsome Santa Claus with a bottle of liquor in his hand, and a sign that reads ‘Consumers for Christ’.

Best moment: Harry Tuttle, heating engineer at your service. This is how Robert De Niro is presented in the film. And thus remains forever in the memory of the fans of the film. And that Gilliam ended up fed up with his meticulousness.

Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky trains with a saw and ropes and Drago (Dolph Lundgren) with the most advanced techniques. Both will meet in Moscow, but the American champion has a special motivation. The revenge of his friend Apollo Creed. They’ll have cakes on Christmas Day and Rocky will win, of course.

Best moment: A boxing glove with the American flag and one with the Soviet one. Both explode with the song ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, by Survivor, as the soundtrack. Can you start better?

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

As he did before with ‘Lethal Weapon’ (1987) and then with ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’ (2005) and ‘Two Good Guys’ (2016). The Screenwriter Shane Black placed the action of this thriller in a merry Christmas of sleds.  Agent Charly (Geena Davis) jumps from one of them – and songs by Dean Martin (‘Let It Snow’).

Finest Moment: Geena Davis runs, shoots, and hangs from ropes in the fast-paced final scene on the bridge. Shot in Canada in the coldest winter in 60 years. There were sequences in which the protagonist could not move. One of the best action movies to add a touch of adrenaline to your Christmas. This one is one of the best movies in all Top Cinematic Action Thriller Movies.

L.A. Confidential (1997)

As in James Ellroy’s novel. The plot begins on a sunny Christmas Eve 1951. With sexual corruption contrasted with Christmas carols (Dean Martin again), and saplings. and those lights on house fronts that are so surprising to us.  A complete Christmas classic, nothing Christmassy at all.

Highest Moment: “Merry Christmas,” gruff Agent Bud White (Russell Crowe) says to a “Merry Christmas. Officer” Lynn Bracken (Kim Basinger) who replies in a black cape with white trim by designer Ruth Myers. For this and much more, it also continues to be one of the best films of the 90s.

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