Unveiling The First Omen: Watch the Full Movie Trailer

The First Omen Trailer
The First Omen Trailer
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The new installment of the famous horror movie of 1976 is coming to cinemas very soon and this is the First Omen trailer that will scare you silly. There’s nothing we’ve been waiting for more than this episode of The Creepy Kid, being die-hard fans of horror. Brace yourself for some scares, suspense, and a few laughs along the way. Starting with its first unquiet scenes, this trailer has us on tenterhooks and we cannot wait to see more.

Initial Thoughts from People about The First Omen Trailer

Horror fans have watched the first Omen sequel trailer and are already discussing their expectations about it.

Some reactions to the trailer at first glance are positive in nature. There is a sense that it strikes just the right ominous tone that befits a reboot of such a classic made in 1976. It feels like getting things right with familiar ominous music, eerie children and an air of doom approaching them. Nell Tiger Free has a splendid and creepy first appearance as Damien’s successor – she looks very nicely evil. If it can match up to the scary original throughout this entire film then maybe this reboot could offer comforts for horror lovers out there.

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