2022’s Top 5 Epic Adventure Movies

Top 5 Epic Adventure Movies
2022’s Top 5 Epic Adventure Movies
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Get ready for an adrenaline-filled journey with a mix of action, adventure, and fantasy in 2022’s most exciting movies. “Bubble,” “Choose or Die,” “The In Between,” “Furioza,” and “Metal Lords” take viewers on thrilling adventures with unique and compelling storylines. Join a team of outcasts on a dangerous mission to save the world in “Bubble,” or take a ride with an underground heavy metal band in “Metal Lords.” “Choose or Die” and “The In-Between” take you on spine-chilling journeys through alternate realities and the afterlife. While “Furioza” offers a post-apocalyptic adventure that tests the limits of survival. Whether you’re looking for non-stop action or immersive fantasy worlds, these 2022 releases have something for everyone. Get ready to be transported to new dimensions and experience the ultimate in cinematic escapism. So, here is the list of the Top 5 Epic Adventure Movies.

Bubble (2022)

The animes, together with the miniseries, are one of the few things in which Netflix usually gives us more good than bad. That’s why we don’t want you to miss this exclusive premiere of the platform that shows off all the imagination and plasticity typical of the genre. Taking us to a Tokyo that has lost all laws of gravity after the arrival of some mysterious bubbles. How do you read it?

Choose or Die (2022)

Horror movies usually give us as many joys. Even on Netflix, as the world of video games disappoints on the screen. ‘Choose or die’ does some honor to its title by mixing both, and with results as disparate as usual. Starring Sex Education star Asa Butterfield and Eddie Marsan. The film tells a Jumanji -esque horror story. However, here the thing about surviving the video game that becomes real and wants to kill you is very humorous and very scary. It won’t be on the best of the year lists, but it’s certainly an eye-catching mix.

The In Between (2022)

Something like the Ghost of the centennial generation. Joey King returns to star in a melodrama of those with easy tears and cheesy handkerchiefs. Everything revolves around a young couple and his death in an accident. She is wounded, literally speaking, from her heart. Which allows her to contact that kind of limbo where he awaits her. If you still haven’t had enough of the first and want to enjoy a cheesy with a good bowl of ice cream on the weekend. Netflix offers you the perfect product for it.


Polish film that has skyrocketed in virality and in views at the top of Netflix of which we have to warn about its enormous load of violence. If you are not one of those who is afraid of seeing a little blood and fury. You will enjoy the story of David. A young man who is blackmailed by his former love into infiltrating a dangerous organized crime gang. David turns into a monster to protect his brother from him, but he turns nonetheless.

Metal Lords

Unfortunately, the heavys are becoming scarce among the youth and that is that they have always been and will be necessary personalities. This Netflix teen comedy brings them back and vindicates them through two outcasts who decide to become metal gods (by winning a battle of the bands) to get out of their situation. Don’t worry, fans of brightly colored clothes, although the tape deals with the heavy metal it is quite light and comfortable. And that, after all, deals with adolescent bullying. Netflix stuff. you can also watch the same movies on gomovies

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