A Collection of Classic Terrifying Films

Collection of Classic Terrifying Films
A Collection of Classic Terrifying Films
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Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of horror as we explore a Collection of Classic Terrifying Films. In “The House with Laughing Windows,” a small Italian village commissions a young painter to restore a church fresco. But as he uncovers the dark secrets of the town, he realizes he may have stumbled upon something sinister. “Suspiria” takes us to a ballet school in Germany run by witches, where a young student discovers the terrifying truth. In “The Beyond,” unsuspecting guests at an old hotel built over one of the seven gateways to Hell are attacked by a horde of zombies after a woman inherits the property.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” introduces us to the iconic villain Freddy Krueger. A burnt serial killer who haunts the dreams of teenagers. And in “The Exorcist,” a demonic entity possesses a young girl, prompting two priests to perform an exorcism to save her soul. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the world of horror.

The House with Laughing Windows (1976)

Among the most appreciated and well-known Italian films abroad. It is incredible to note how several belong to the horror genre thanks to the names of directors such as Avati, Argento, Bava, Fulci and D’Amato. Who set the standard in the 1970s by making a cult behind the other. Pupi Avati shoots The House with Laughing Windows in 1976. It is his fifth film, as well as a work of rare disquiet. An artist who committed suicide calls Stefano (Licio Capolicchio), a young painter, to restore his crazy creation.

As soon as he begins to work on the picture, Stefano falls victim to unexplained events and witnesses a series of deaths. Set in the Bolognese countryside. The House with Laughing Windows shows us how the Italian province is perfect for those genre atmospheres that made Pupi Avati’s film. Which later moved on to drama in the years to come – the Italian thriller par excellence.

Suspiria (1977)

While we impatiently await the remake by Luca Guadagnino , on which there is already a crazy hype, we certainly could not forget Dario Argento and his Suspiria in this ranking. Some will say that it would have been better to have Deep Red , others prefer The Cat O’Nine Tails , The Bird with the Crystal Plumage or Four Flies on Gray Velvet. The truth is that speaking of a great master of fear like Argento, the choice becomes difficult . However, Dario Argento’s Suspiria, which portrays an all-female story of friendship, witchcraft, and evil set in Germany. And its chromatically perfect staging, is the work that terrifies us the most.

The Beyond (1981)

Lucio Fulci made the film “The Beyond” in 1981, which is the international title for the second chapter of the Trilogy of Death, also consisting of “Fear in the City of the Living Dead” (1980) and “The House by the Cemetery” (1981). The saga of the Italian director who dedicated his entire life to the genre with productions one more original and unforgettable than the next is much appreciated abroad. It is no coincidence that it was Fulci mega-fan Quentin Tarantino who wanted this particular film restored. The afterlife tells of a cursed hotel built in 1927 above one of the seven gates of Hell. It was 1981 when Liza inherited it and, despite being warned, she moved to live there. We leave the rest to you to imagine.

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