A Trio Of Timeless Tales Of Anime

Timeless Tales Of Anime
A Trio Of Timeless Tales Of Anime
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Get ready to embark on a journey through the captivating worlds of “The End of Evangelion,” “Whisper of the Heart” (1995), and “From Up on Poppy Hill” (2011). These three remarkable films offer a unique blend of introspective storytelling, heartfelt emotions, and unforgettable characters. Brace yourself to be immersed in a range of emotions, from the apocalyptic intensity of “The End of Evangelion” to the tender coming-of-age tale in “Whisper of the Heart,” and the nostalgic charm of “From Up on Poppy Hill.” These movies will captivate your imagination, tug at your heartstrings, and leave a lasting impact. Prepare for an extraordinary cinematic experience like no other. So here is the list of the Timeless Tales Of Anime.

The End of Evangelion 

And this is what happened before Shinji had to look inside himself during the aforementioned episodes 25 and 26. A true gem of animation, with the same load of fierce action as epic philosophical depth. In addition to showing us the terrible physical consequences of the Third Impact. It treats us to an unexpected carnage caused by (and at the expense of) the best EVA pilot humanity has ever known.

An ending worthy of the legend that did not satisfy everyone at the time. But over time has been gaining followers to become one of the fundamental examples when citing the works of its main animator, Hisao Shirai, along with wonders as obvious as ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (Mamoru Oshii, 1995) and ‘Perfect Blue’ (Satoshi Kon, 1997).

Whisper of the Heart (1995)

Beyond Miyazaki and Takahata, Yoshifumi Kondô directed one of the great jewels of Studio Ghibli. It tells the story of Shizuku, a young aspiring writer who discovers that all the books she takes from the school library have been read by the same person before, Kenji Amasawa. Mysteries accumulate when she discovers a cat traveling alone on the train and she decides to follow him to a small antique shop where her owner’s most precious object will become the subject of her first novel. It is a story about striving to fulfill dreams and the almost sick obsession that it can generate. She talks about the insecurities and fear of facing the blank page. But also about the magic and happiness that can give us as a reward. It goes in tune with the story of its director: Yoshifumi Kondô died from overwork.

From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)

Although it has been difficult for him to follow in his father’s footsteps, Goro Miyazaki did hit the right buttons with this 2011 film. Set in 1963 Japan, It follows a high school student who, in the absence of her mother, must take care of her children. Her family while in high school she lives the experiences of a young woman her age. That includes a staunch defense of her classmates’ cultural center, which they want to destroy because it is too old. A somewhat underrated gem from Studio Ghibli. Though guess where it ranks in our ranking of the best Studio Ghibli movies?

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