A Trilogy of Supernatural Tales

A Trilogy of Supernatural Tales
A Trilogy of Supernatural Tales
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Get ready to immerse yourself in a world filled with supernatural encounters, spine-chilling horrors, and gripping tales as we embark on a thrilling journey through the movies Chuyen Ma Gan Nhà (2022), Rigor Mortis (2013), and Golpo Holeo Shotti (2014). Brace yourself for a journey filled with suspense, terror, and unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to experience the dark and haunting realms of these extraordinary films. Where the supernatural meets human fears and the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. So here is the list of the Trilogy of Supernatural Tales.

Chuyen Ma Gan Nhà (2022)

While Thai and Indonesian cinema are on the crest of the wave in terms of international successes, Vietnamese cinema has not seen any global phenomena… So far. Director Tran Huu Tan (‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘Survivor’) is back on the attack with this “Vietnamese Horror Story” (the literalness of the epata title). Whose monsters are born from local urban legends? The film has three intertwined stories that tell of demonic possession, lonely spirits, and foolish superstars. A repertoire with a lot of local flavors. But one that can escape us a bit if we don’t complete our experience by researching on our own.

Rigor Mortis (2013)

Jumping zombies, long-haired girls in white robes, a bit of kung fu, and black magic: ‘Rigor Mortis’ is the buffet you didn’t know you needed. The co-star of the ’80s film series ‘Mr. Vampire’, Chin Siu Ho, plays himself as a depressed horror movie actor who has just moved into a decrepit house in order to make ends meet. When he tries to commit suicide, a couple of spirits will try to possess his body. When he decides to stay he will realize that he has two ghosts for roommates and that his neighbors are the most “eccentric” “. We are not right to .say that this is a good movie, but we will remember it for a long time.

Golpo Holeo Shotti (2014)

A remake of the Tamil film (they are Kollywood productions. They will ring a bell for ‘Baahubali’) ‘Pizza’, by Karthik Subbaraj. Seen from Spain, the film is, honestly, more curious than chilling, but for that, it will be worth it. Rudra (Soham Chakraborty) is a pizza delivery man who lives with his girlfriend Anu, a ghostwriter (Mimi Chakraborty). The first part of the movie is all about his unbridled love until it takes a turn when Rudra goes to a private house to deliver a pizza and suddenly the plot turns into a horror movie. Rudra, possessed (by doubt), comes to question whether the girl really exists.

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