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Outline of The Stepdaughter

The Stepdaughter Joanna is a teenager who has lost her mother and grandmother, two of the closest people to her. Her father, Michael Lawrence, a successful man, is now married to Whitney who is an equally successful businesswoman. Alone and desperate, Joanna decides to go to her father’s house.

Whitney offers Joanna a place to stay as long as she wants which she agrees. When Joanna meets Lawrence’s sons she realizes that they are glad to welcome her into their lives. However, the expression on Joanna’s face says otherwise; it indicates that she does not want to join the family.

How does Joanna try to ruin Whitney & her family?

Whitney’s mother urn containing ashes shatters into pieces just after Joanna moves in. At first, Joanna hesitates about admitting it but finally confesses to have broken it. Whitney feels for what Johanna goes through at first and does not hold grudge against her for that reason. When Whitney presents these incidents again to Cassie, Cassie proposes doing background check on Johana for safety purposes.

But Whitneys dismisses the notion. The following day Johana notices Whitneys preparing samples of cosmetics products for Walmart presentation on worldwide stage. During the presentation one of the models suffers from severe allergic reaction which results in facial burns thus turning the whole situation ugly. The deal falls apart leaving deeply impacted brand called Whitneys Cosmetics.

At night somebody swaps out johanna’s fluvoxamine pills which she takes in order help with her ocd for something else. Whitney unknowingly takes this drug substitue which makes feel dizzy and tired. Lawrence suggests cancelling his property meeting so he can be around when she wakes up while whitney tells him joanna and kids can take care of me.

Eric gets suspicious when he sees Johana trying steal Whitney’ s credit card. Johana however threatens Eric telling him forget ever seeing it if you want your mother to remain unharmed. Afterwards, Whitney asks about the missing card and Joanna plays with her mind making it seem like she is accusing her of stealing.

On the same night, a beer bottle with something that makes him unconscious is given to an eleven-year old boy called Eric by Johana who then tries to throw him into the pool but stops after seeing Lawrence. But that incident is just the beginning of Joannas wicked acts as disguised she goes on shopping for items like ropes, duct tapes and plastic sheets similar to those used by criminals in abduction process and later disposal of body.

Again, when Brian’s friend Dante finds Johanna’s diary, she kills him by hitting his head with a heavy object. 

What causes problems between Whitney and Michael?

After sending her cosmetics samples for testing at a laboratory, Whitney receives a call from them. The caller says that while most batches checked out fine, some products contained very high levels of sodium hydroxide which is poisonous. This makes Whitney suspect Joanna because she knows she would not have used such chemicals in her products.

Whitney pleads with Cass to run a check on Joanna. The Stepdaughter turns out that Joanna’s real name is Maggie Dillon, and Whitney asks Lawrence about the same who says that Joanna’s grandparents changed her name when she moved in with them.

Whitney explains to Michael how Joanna has been ruining her life, but they fight over The Stepdaughter. As a result, Whitney now believes that the sabotage of her cosmetics line was done by Joanna/Maggie.

How does Whitney end up in hospital?

Joanna wants to tear apart Whitney’s family. She drugged Whitney and sliced her wrist making it appear as if she was mentally instable and suicidal person. However, after surviving the attack, Whitney asks Cass to take her sons Brian and Eric back home with her. In hospital, Whitney finds out from some other patients that she learns what has really been going on between them regarding drugs and sex.

This leads to a call being made to social services thereby jeopardizing the custody of her children for Whitney Whitaker besides which also gets told of Dante’s death while Cass affirms that it was caused by one Donna. To gather evidence against Joanna, Cass drives over to Whitney’s place but as soon as she gets there, Joanna pushes her off the first floor.

What happens at the end? 

Joanna calls Whitney demanding that she meets her at their house otherwise something bad will happen to both Eric and Brian. When Whitely arrives there however; Joanna incapacitates her then reveals an evil plan directed towards taking revenge from whitely turner.

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