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Plot Summary

The seeding feature film by Barnaby Clay, his second, is about a man called Wyndham (Scott Haze) who goes to the desert to take pictures of an eclipse.

He meets a boy who tells him that he has lost his parents soon after. The truth about this small child, however, dawns on Wyndham when he is taken astray by the little one.

Wyndham finds himself in an awkward situation from which it will not be easy for him to get out of and also learns what his “purpose” is—that it’s why the nightmare situation involving him happens.

How does The Seeding begin?

The Seeding comes up with a little boy walking around the desert first. When we see that this young boy is chewing on a severed finger, it shows us that something bad is going to happen to Wyndham, who is the protagonist of this movie.

After some time driving into the area, we see Wyndham at last. Once there he meets another older child claiming not to have any clue where his parents may be.

When they go deeper in the wilderness, Wyndham realizes that everything that was mentioned by the kid before was false.

Wyndham feels lost and alone as long as this other boy leaves. Eventually he hears singing at the bottom of a canyon and so he takes down a ladder and introduces himself.

Is the woman friendly?

Alina appears friendly enough. She feeds Wyndhamsome food and drinks water while allowing him to spendthe night with her roommates.

Next morning part of ladder missing hence no way can climb back up top canyon walls again

Among other discoveries are paintings on rocks. For instance one depicts awoman having serpent’s tail.

Could Alina be as devious as a serpent? The Seeding Sadly for Wyndham, she could indeed.

Does Wyndham climb the rockface?

Lacking any form of ladder, Wyndham endeavours to climb the rockface using a pike that he took from Alina’s house. As he is going up, something is thrown at him by someone at the top of the canyon.

Thus Wyndham slips and during his fall he lands on his feet and accidentally embeds the pickaxe into his flesh.

Fortunately, Alina is a decent nurse so she can attend to the wounds. He therefore asks her about these guys who frequent this place at the top of canyon. She says they are children – “strays” – and warns him against “poking sticks in their nest,”: i.e., don’t antagonize them.

Is Wyndham trapped in the canyon?

Wyndham has no way out of this dangerous place except for being forced to live with Alina. Living under such circumstances means that both of them can rely on what they get from those above as far as food is concerned.

Wyndham tells Alina that she was kidnapped by these kids however it turns out things were not as they seemed. We learn this later on.

With time passing by Wyndham and Alina draw closer until having sex resulting in her getting pregnant. Selma Blair eventually falls into her situation but one day while walking along he bumps into someone at the top of Canyon who happened to be Lepus, a child more friendly than others.

Does Lepus help Wyndham?

Lepus is not happy with his own circumstances. He abhors living with the other boys, but he tells Wyndham that he cannot leave. 

Nevertheless, Wyndham gives Lepus an opportunity to escape by promising him that if he helps him get out of the canyon, he will take him to a safe place.

Lepus accepts but an older teenager overhears him talking about assisting Wyndham and snatches him away.

What eventually happens to Lepus?

After another failed attempt at escaping, Alina continues her life with Wyndham. He also introduces her to music and learns more about her family including her mother who told Alina that the land outside the desert was just a mirage.

Both of them look as though they are satisfied nevertheless their joy is shattered when she wakes up one morning realizing something horrific. Wyndham comes after hearing screams from his wife and sees what she has found; Lepus suspended in air above the canyon. The boy is dead because you can see through his back where it has been ripped apart.

Alina accuses Wyndham of leading “her boy” to death, then knocks him out with a piece of wood. 

What do we learn about Alina?

The Seeding movie moves forward to a time when Wyndham finds himself locked in a cage. We don’t know how long this has taken but taking into account his grown hair and beard, it could be several months at least.

While in the cage, Wyndham sees someone hiking on top of the canyon and calls for help but before she is caught and killed by the boys rescuing him becomes impossible. 

Alina gets pregnant during this period. In some sort of dream sequence perhaps, she indicates to wyndam that those boys are her brothers and sons.” The children then dance around a fire while stands there wearing leaves over her eyes.

We’re unsure if this was a dream but it’s likely, as the next day everything seems normal – well, as normal as things can be when a man is trapped in a cage by a pregnant woman!

Wyndham tells Alina that he is willing to start a family with her. She responds, “You don’t have choice”, informs him that she has been through such situations before and orders him to stay with her until the child is born. The Seeding to which she replies “In the desert nothing goes un-used” 

She is their mother and they live at the top of the canyon. From what was disclosed by the director in an interview here, all these boys have different fathers. With evidence of bones in the desert, one can conclude that there were some men who had impregnated Alina in the past.

A boy eventually led Wyndham to the Canyon at the beginning of film. This possibly happened to other people who had once journeyed into this desert.

What does Wilhelm do?

After giving birth to a girl child, Alina tells Wyndham that she will breastfeed and teach her. She adds later that once she had taken care of all her needs for example, making sure she served everything he desired while he served his purpose, this young girl would become their ‘mother.’

What did Wyndham need? 

To give Alina another child! Having served this purpose, Wyndham has done what he was meant to do. As Alina has no further use for him, his life is worthless. To evidence this, one of the older boys approaches Wyndham from behind and slits his throat. 

At the end of the movie, Wyndham’s corpse is left to rot on the ground. The Seeding, Alina’s prophecy about nothing being wasted comes true as Wyndham’s body becomes a source of food for the worm population.

We don’t see what happens to Alina, but it can be assumed that she lives on to raise the child. This child will take Alina’s place when she is older and lure other men into the desert. She will then use their seed to expand the family until another girl is born, who will one day become the next “mother.”

This is our takeaway from the movie anyway. But what do you think about the movie’s ending? Let us know in the comments below.

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