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Once in a blue moon, there is a movie that pierces our hearts making us think that life’s curveballs may not be the end of it all and could just be setting you up for an epic comeback. That’s what Sharrock does in his latest film, The Beautiful Game. It is one of those rare films that says life is hard and unfair but second chances are real and they are amazing.

In this film we meet Vinny, a former soccer pro whose fortunes have plummeted faster than an own goal. He has hit rock bottom-fall quite literally sleeping in his car. However, things take a different turn when Vinny gets an opportunity to play at the Homeless World Cup-not your everyday chance.

Like the name suggests, The Homeless World Cup is not your usual football tournament but rather an event where poor players from around the world come together to kick balls and kick poverty out of their lives. It represents hope for those who have been screwed over by fate. In this movie, Vinny does not score goals on the field; he learns how to stand firm on shifting ground.

Having strong character development can make or break a movie but it can never happen otherwise in The Beautiful Game. Characters like Vinny, Nathan, Aldar and Cal get you involved straight from chapter one because each of them has their own story to tell which will shock you. Their lack of lazy writing makes these characters shine.

This place has no flat stereotypes; instead its inhabitants have layers of behaviour . For instance, take Vinny who isn’t just another wash-up jock; he is someone trying anything to survive in his severe circumstances with so many other obstacles standing in his way. Nathan on the other hand tries to battle his inner demons while still pleasing his parents because deep down inside he knows they want him back.

Also Cal is willing to do anything possible just so he can spend some hours with his son without being under anyone’s watch. All characters in The Beautiful Game are written as masterpieces and they have their own reasons to be part of the Homeless World Cup. Such aspects make it impossible not to have a favourite.

Bill Nighy is now officially some fine wine. As he gets older, he just keeps getting better with age which is evident in The Beautiful Game. Although it is only a supporting role, he still manages to make every scene he appears in his-to steal them away from the lead actor. Mal, a retired football scout with a heart of gold, who lives his character and thrives on giving Vinny his much deserved second chance.

The on-screen dynamic between Nighy and Michael Ward (playing Vinny) is absolutely electrifying. When they are on stage together you can’t help but feel their connection through conversations that they share back and forth like two people who haven’t seen each other for years but were old friends once upon a time.

The transformation of Mal from mentorship to fatherhood over Vinny and other players in this film is nothing short of miraculous.

The Beautiful Game is an excellent game that portrays football as a means of unifying individuals. Be you a thug or field veteran, no difference exists between both of you. Your enthusiasm and energies are the only matters. It informs us that in football, everyone is equal.

Though it does not present anything new when it comes to plot or story, The Beautiful Game holds truth for it’s different method of presentation. Rather, the movie takes the form of one’s journey where he or she has to find himself and learn about stuff even when life itself seems to be playing against him/her. In general, The Beautiful Game is worth watching if you want something touching and motivating in nature.

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