The Best Action and Thriller Fighters Movies Of All Time

The Best Action and Thriller Fighters Movies Of All Time
The Best Action and Thriller Fighters Movies Of All Time
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Everyone is a fan of action and thriller but there are a lot of movies out there and we do not know which one is worth watching, That’s why we have arranged one of the best action and thriller fighters movies of all time

The Mole Agent

Maite Alberdi, 2021 / Documentary / Spy Thriller, BTeam Pictures

Winner of the Audience Award for Best European Film at the San Sebastian Festival, ‘El Agente topo’ is irresistible to any viewer. It’s a documentary, but it’s also a spy film, as well as an incredibly charming, emotional, and necessary story about the loneliness of our elders. Directed by Maite Alberdi, it follows an old man who is recorded by a detective as a criminal in a residence for the elderly. His mission is to check that one of the inmates is being well treated.

The Expendables

2010 / Action, Adventure, Thriller / USA

Action movies featuring “tough men” are no longer appropriate in the 21st century unless the actors are “60+.” The action comedy “The Expendables” sparked a wave of good feelings in the audience since it had old-time favourites in the frame. The performers from the same action flicks cheerfully mimicked their own roles, and the film actually played up some of the famous clichés of the classic cult action films. Despite the fact that the number of actors from earlier movies eventually reached a critical mass, this movie served as the launch pad for an entire film series.

Point Break 

Kathryn Bigelow, 1991 / Action / Crime

The 90s would not be the same without this legendary film by Kathryn Bigelow, which has gradually become famous in this classic action genre. And it is that, with some scenes full of adrenaline and a plot of deconstructed masculinities, the story finds its best formula in the mixture of police tension and surfing on the beach. Point Break is one of the best movies of the ’90s.

Cell 211

Action, Thriller / Drama / Telecinco Cinema, 2009

When you place the action in a closed room and make the tension grows. Most likely, everything will end up flying through the air. The plot of the story, I mean, is not the plot that our head can process immediately (which could also be). Daniel Monzón covered him with glory with this magnificent thriller led by Malamadre ( Luis Tosar ). One of the best Spanish films of the 21st century, without a doubt.

The Dark Knight

Action / Adventure / Christopher Nolan, 2008

Although there’s no one to stand up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is unanimously (okay, let’s just leave it mostly) one of the best superhero movies ever. If not the best. Surely, if your friend is a fan of comics and the movies that are based on them, they have already seen this second title of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. But you can recommend it to anyone else!

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