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In Midsummer Night episode five, Helena pulls Darius to one side so that she can spill the beans about Hanne’s affair only for her to realize that Darius is actually aware of everything and he still loves her. Helena is shocked but tries not to show it by kissing him instead. She immediately says sorry and goes back to the party with a smile this time.

What happened between Darius and Hanne? 

Hanne discovers Darius throwing stones in water and asks how he is doing. Finally, Darius confronts Hanne regarding her cheating on him. He confesses seeing another man with her and asks why she did it.

Hanne gives reasons saying that she wasn’t sure of things and was frightened. Again confessing that she does love Darius, he does not respond this time around but walks away. It looks like maybe the marriage may be off but instead he surprises everyone.

Afterward, he decides to go ahead and get married to Hanne on that day even, under Lysander’s guidance as the officiating minister at their wedding ceremony while Hanne also apologizes for her behavior and promises never doing it again.

The end of Midsummer Night?

Johannes comes back to the party after Carina’s words affected his heart thus offers an apology to Sara as well as Hakan for using abusive language against them by admitting that he was wrong. They are understanding towards each other hence no bad feelings are left between them since they are happy being together during this midsummer night celebration.

Robert finally admits his love for Helena starting from when they first met during their job interviews. He told me than I have tried several times expressing my emotions out but never had enough strength or courage of saying those words out loud . In fact complete love confession is sitting in his drafts folder which has never been sent.

However, prompted by what Helena said next however, Robert decides otherwise; thus sending it to her. Helena reads it and smiles. As the evening approaches, Johannes lights a bonfire and Carina tells him that she will always love him even if they are not married anymore. Johannes says that he feels similarly to her, saying he will always love Carina.

The Episode Review

It was a rollercoaster episode but some parts really made us scratch our heads. We had been hoping Darius would stand up for himself and not marry Hanne who cheated on him. But what surprised us is that he went ahead with the wedding.

Some might find this satisfying but we had hoped for something different. On the other hand, there was nothing more heartwarming than when Robert proclaimed his love to Helena after six years. Hopefully the show gets renewed for another season, because I can’t wait to see where their story goes next.

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