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Apples Never Fall is a hot new drama series on Peacock and Jio Cinema. It’s based on Liane Moriarty’s book of the same name, and you know when it comes to Moriarty, you’re in for a treat. Her works always get turned into amazing shows or movies, like “Big Little Lies” and “Nine Perfect Strangers.” The series is all about the Delaney family, who are loaded and run a Tennis Academy.

This couple are both tennis instructors but their four children were somewhat ignored due to tennis fixation. However, they want to make up for this by spending some time with them during their retirement only when just at the point when one would think that they would relax in life, Joy Delaney the mother disappears mysteriously.

Apple’s Never Fall is teeming with family drama, more than suspense. Its main focus is on the complex relationships within the Delaney family, especially as regards calling out parents by adult children for all lies and secrets they have maintained all along. The husband-wife relationship experiences great tension particularly after which kids start pointing fingers at him regarding what happened to Joy.

Apart from the fact that Savannah was a mystery; her whole family saw nothing else beyond her enigmatic character. She has some hidden agenda which she later on admits to having had guiding her actions. Side-lined by their families too; both Savannah and Joy have an interesting twist incorporated in their characters.

However, despite Florida being sunny West Palm Beach in which ‘Apples Never Fall’ is set; it has been filmed down under in Australia. The cast comprises actors from America and Australia who have tried very hard not to sound Australian (albeit they accidentally do sometimes). Alison Brie plays good daughter while Essie Randles does bad daughter right.

They really bring their characters to life. Jake Lacy and Connor Merrigan Turner are also super expressive in their roles. Meanwhile this series’ siblings do an amazing job of handling their roles so well that you may find yourself hating this bratty behavior. All in all, the Delaney family is better presented by an excellent cast of this drama.

Apples Never Fall takes its time, like a slow spin on a merry-go-round, with the mystery unfolding at a frustratingly leisurely pace. The first episode lays down the foundation, but then each episode focuses on a different kid, veering away from the mystery and more into their personal dramas and the family’s issues. The whole mystery element feels scattered, with the motive shifting from one kid to the next, then to the father, all while Joy is still missing.

Some scenes just seem to be going on and on, making you so desperate that they might please have some point of their own. Not much is happening on the investigative front either. Elena and Ethan, the two detectives involved, are newbies who don’t seem to know much. Given Joy Delaney’s vanishing case being a high profile one with famous tennis players involved all over, one would think they would be more alert. But instead they are only doing circles without finding any clues towards the guilty party.

Joy’s children decide to do their own investigation on her missing mother but they are not really proceeding anywhere as such. Instead of pressing forward with their investigations, what we get from them is just more problems about their parents’ messed up marriage. They don’t carry out thorough investigations and go straight into accusing their dad of murder even though there was neither body found nor blood spilt.

Through six whole episodes, these uneducated kids together with rookie detectives keep going round in circles blaming the husband without any tangible evidence at hand concerning his guiltiness. Adding insult to injury, the climax is extremely annoying. After all that drama and searching for Joy, suddenly everything becomes like rainbows in the end. The real culprit, whom Joy knows or has an idea of as well as many other people just walks away scot-free and everyone acts as if nothing happened at all.

The show can be said to lack focus on its themes somewhat. Although it takes place in a Tennis Academy, tennis itself does not have much impact on this story line unlike other things such as cheating and shady training practices which become major talking points.

In addition, the series looks at different aspects like: unspoken tensions between parents and kids; crumbling marriage of the couple; family neglect sensation among others. While some themes were delved into deeply others were merely scratched upon leaving you yearning for more.

Apples Never Fall is based on Liane Moriarty’s book and features a fantastic cast of American and Australian actors. The kids are very convincing, particularly when it comes to showing how annoying children can be. You can’t get enough of the juicy family drama that keeps you entertained.

However, there are faults with the series. It drags on, lacks suspenseful moments with real intensity and has a scattering theme quality as well. Despite these flaws, it is still worth watching if you don’t mind a slow burn story. Fans of the novel will probably like the adaptation but if slow paced suspense makes you impatient, this isn’t for you.

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