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Is this Liam Neeson movie worth watching?

In the Land of Saints and Sinners, Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills. You will know this if you have seen him in the Taken films, which marked the beginning of his twilight years as an action hero.

However, what many directors have done in casting Neeson for roles that are essentially indistinguishable from each other is take advantage of his newfound reputation and turn it into something cheap. Many of these movies have been terrible – some of the worst include Blacklight, Marlowe and Retribution.

So, In the Land of Saints and Sinners? Is this one a time-waster or is it worth watching?

In the Land of Saints and Sinners Movie Review

Here’s some good news: In the Land of Saints and Sinners isn’t quite as bad as those aforementioned movies we listed as being among Liam Neeson’s worst. Still, it’s not exactly thrilling either; there are only a handful of points at which it threatens to get your pulse racing.

So while this isn’t quite as exciting as the first Taken movie was I’m glad to say that it isn’t quite so brain-achingly unsurprising like Blacklight (and any other cheap action flick that prequels star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace actor) were during recent years this one’s helped make up by setting itself against an Irish Republican Army backdrop throughout seventies Northern Ireland when they conducted terrorist acts designed ultimately ending British rule over there . Our protagonist Doireann McCann (Kerry Condon) member IRA sets bomb off Belfast pub opening scene throws us straight into thick these troubles .

It’s her last known location brother Curtis who she believes may have some connection with what looks like local bookshop owner but actually turns out be hired gun working behalf crime boss for Finbar Murphy , thus leading our heroine on quest find out more about him only come face-to-face once again later down line — as ever happens during movies such as these.

Directed by Robert Lorenz (who also worked alongside Neeson previously The Marksman), In The Land Of Saints And Sinners doesn’t break new ground but it’s not disaster either and represents fairly average piece of work for both directors. That said, Lorenz does get good performances from his cast which include Jack Gleeson , Ciaran Hinds Colm Meaney well namesake himself Mr Neeson plus there’s also Kerry Condon thrown into mix too just in case you didn’t know that already .

In fact, Jack Gleeson is perhaps one highlight this film as up- coming hitman who teams up with Finbar he looks almost unrecognisable due darker hair moustache two actors really bring out best each other . Still though can’t help but feel little bit chilled when looking at picture because boy what an evil bastard Joffrey Baratheon was eh

If it weren’t for the bursts of action, this film would almost be a gentle British soap opera set in the country, with its kindly villagers and shots of lush greenery. But then you see Liam Neeson loading a body into his car and Kate Condon glowering at anyone who looks at her sideways, and you realize — oh yeah, this is a thriller and not a warm-hearted show about country folk who sing at the local pub when somebody pulls out a harmonica.

The script by Mark Michael McNally and Terry Loane is smarter than some of the napkin-written screenplays of Neeson’s recent films (I assume). The IRA subplot is handled sensitively, there are a couple of touching moments as Finbar contemplates his life after reconciling with his troubled past; he’s like one of those aging anti-heroes Clint Eastwood played late in his career — although despite giving Finbar a halfway-decent backstory, this movie doesn’t quite make our day.

In the Lands of Saints and Sinners is more thoughtful than your average Neeson action flick but also not particularly memorable; whether or not you enjoy it will depend on whether or not you’re expecting lots of high-octane action from Neeson. If so, you’ll get a solid climactic shootout. But for the most part this is a quieter, more subdued movie than some of Liam’s louder thrillers so maybe dial down your expectations somewhat.

So should I watch it? It’s fine for one viewing. But honestly Neeson is just flat-out better as a dramatic actor than he is an action star. So while In the Land of Saints and Sinners isn’t bad, maybe it’s time for him to return to roles that let us see what he can really do as an actor.

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