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Miller’s Girl Summary

In the opening part, Cairo tells us about her monotonous and boring life. Her parents, who are very rich and smart, have moved overseas leaving Cairo in their big house alone. To deal with being lonely she starts writing stories as a way of escaping from the reality around Miller’s Girl, which she finds to be ordinary at most times but through this also finds comfort and companionship in them. But even literature cannot fill up that longing for love and human contact.

On the other hand there is another character called Jonathan Miller’s Girl who is an established author already published some books; he becomes Cairo’s literature teacher after being recommended by Winnie her friend who describes him as a great teacher. Unlike Cairo, Winnie is portrayed like any other carefree teen who lives life to the fullest flirting with teachers once in a while.

Winnie says she only wants to have sex with middle-aged men because they are the ones that can take her to pleasure towns. She also puts ideas into Cairo’s head about how Jonathan Miller may be interested in her- I’ve seen the way Miller looks at you, says Winnie to Cairo.

So why does Jonathan become interested in Cairo?

As mentioned before, Jonathan himself is an unsuccessful published writer so when he sees that Cairo owns his book ‘Apostrophes and Ampersands, six abysmally romantic short stories’ it catches his eye. Beatrice on the other hand is also a writer but more successful than Jonathan ever will be according to critics though she doesn’t show much respect for his work saying things like “I didn’t know school libraries store your books”. This hurts him deeply even if tries not showing it too much because he loves Beatrice so much but we can tell their marriage isn’t going well either since they haven’t been intimate quite often recently.

Miller asks for meeting with Cairo after class something which makes her think that probably he may be interested in her therefore intensifying her need to be special to someone. But all he wanted was just to praise the story she had written for his class thinking that Cairo is extraordinarily talented and could be a great writer.

He asks her to write a short story imitating her best author’s style saying it might end up being a standout piece in her portfolio for whatever college she decides applying. He suggests Vanderbilt while Cairo has already set eyes on Yale.

So when does everything start going wrong?

Apart from being an exceptional teacher Jonathan is also seen as a good writer by Cairo who views him so despite reading negative reviews about his books from various critics online. She eagerly waits for his next book believing that Miller’s Girl doesn’t want to write again because he lacks inspiration thus requiring some sort of catalyst which can reignite creative fire within him.

But according to Beatrice, profession never suited Miller’s Girl; Beatrice says this during dinner with friends where she publicly claims that even though Miller thinks otherwise he ain’t no writer at all. The atmosphere becomes chilly showing how much those words hurt Jonathan especially since everyone present knows how hard he tries hiding things like this but later on tells us their marriage isn’t fine either after they stop having sex regularly.

Cairo begins feeling attracted towards Jonathan then decides trying seducing him whereby she dresses up in short skirts denim jackets expensive glasses etc hoping these will catch his attention. However when Cairo finds out that Miller has planned weekend getaway with wife it makes her feel uncomfortable since their relationship has changed too much over time.

Fortunately, Miller’s Girl took mistakenly the phone of Cairo because he thought it was his and put it in his bag. Then he drives to her house to give back but she tries to seduce him and they end up kissing. He then masturbates that night to an erotic story she emailed him earlier that day.

But eventually, he starts to feel like this relationship is wrong and begins distancing himself from her. To add on top of that, he tells her that she needs a new author and topic for her short stories or else he’ll fail her in the midterm.

He lets Cairo know that they can only have a professional relationship. However, Cairo does not want things to end now when they are just starting. She says Jonathan Miller is the one who fueled all her fantasies anyways. Cairo also calls Miller mediocre which plays on his insecurities as someone who has always struggled with writing.

So she decides in anger & pain to email the story to the principal getting him reprimanded/in trouble which is huge because if Cairo can convince them something happened between me & Jonathan I could lose both my job & hard-earned reputation.

What happens at last?

Both of us are called separately into the office where we will each present our sides before the principle we plead innocence on my part while offering evasive answers so as not incriminate myself since i am unsure about what exactly Miller’s Girl is that they know regarding this matter thus causing them be more curious than ever before but still remaining silent throughout their questioning; however cairo remains cryptic giving elusive responses when questioned by authority figures asking for more details about an event or situation involving another person without directly stating anything specific concerning herself and what had been done thus far vis-a-vis such individuals’ actions towards each other..

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