3 Great Movies That Will Make Your Weekend

3 Great Movies That Will Make Your Weekend
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If you are looking for Great Movies which will make your weekend. These three movies Mulholland Drive, Get Out and Scandalous Diary will definitely make your weekend. These films are counted among the top films from 2004 to 2006.

Mulholland Drive

David Lynch / 2001 / Mystery

If David Lynch is characterized by something, it is not making it easy for the viewer. This film, considered one of the best of the century, portrays the rise and fall of the American dream, but in its way: it is difficult to understand, but fascinating to watch. You just have to dare.

Get Out 

Jordan Peele / 2017

One of the most amazing movies of recent years. Although the structure is that of a horror movie, Jordan Peele manages to turn this film into a brilliant metaphor for the latent racism in the United States. One of the best horror movies we’ve seen recently and is recommended on many levels.

Scandalous Diary

Great Britain, 2006

However, in A battle of titans, that’s what Scandalous Diary is all about: Cate Blanchett versus Judi Dench, youth and naivety versus experience; loneliness and guile. Because the viewer sees everything going on through the eyes of teacher Barbara Covett, played by Dench. At the same school where Barbara works, comes a young art teacher, Sheba Hart. However, at first, the women become buddies, but then one makes mistakes and the other deftly manipulates them. You know, there are those movies or books that, after watching or reading them, make you want to stand under the shower for two hours while the jets of water wash away the filth you’ve been exposed to from what you’ve read or seen. “Scandal Diary” is one of those, which means bravo to the director for his work.

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