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When you have to consume something you cannot even stand on a daily basis, you may look for ways to make it manageable. Room 0 might involve eating it quickly with a drink just to mask the taste or adding other sauces or spices so that they are not apparent. No matter how much you dislike this cuisine, you need to concentrate on the fact that at least there is something to eat.

On the contrary, if one has to endure someone whom he or she hates for the rest of his or her life, he or she will adapt in one way or another. This may entail setting boundaries, seeking help or finding areas of common ground with them. As hard as it sounds, you will put your own health first and find ways of make things easier.

It is this repetitive process that both protagonist and antagonist find annoying and frustrating within Room 0. In science fiction literature, however, getting stuck in a situation/memory from which there is no escape serves as a metaphorical representation of real problems. While being an effective narrative technique, it may also be too much for viewers’ emotions and empathy.

She enters a hotel room 0, uneasily hiding from someone over her shoulder who seems like she owes them something .Checking up on her loved ones well being through several phone calls and later receives an unknown box which she accidentally drops as she exits the room only too return after some time repeating similar events again.

This goes on till Susie has had similar encounters with different people including FBI officers, gang lords and cops. Each person appears to have their motives but neither Susie nor audience knows why individuals are where they are? But with all her efforts Susie Q finds herself in a state where she cannot leave the room regardless of how many times she tries.

As such,juxtaposition between repetition of events and characters’ mysterious nature enhances suspense leaving both susie q and audience confused about what is happening and why.Susie Q gets a call from somebody she does not know called Galvani, who pledges to assist her in getting away from her current situation. Susie is under pressure since she is the sole provider for her family. However, why she is there and what Galvan really wants are a mystery to all.

If you enjoy fast paced movies, then “Room 0” may not be your cup of tea. The film basically stands for patience because it lacks action. But if you can give it a shot, there could be some unique things that you would appreciate about it such as the overall concept of this movie and its presentation.

This meticulousness by Richard Kodai is evident in the cinematography, lighting, production design as well as soundtracks which combine together in order to tell the story of Room 0. These elements create an enchanting atmosphere with which audience remain entertained despite its deliberate pace.

Placing most of the story at one room brings numerous challenges for technical crew but they have managed to make it visually captivating despite being limited in space. Furthermore, multiple lighting sources from within the room results into a visual aesthetic ambiance which has been smartly used by these filmmakers.

The movie also abounds with special effects that depict Susie’s state of mind. Furthermore, the first part of the film uses eerie background music to heighten its overall sense of suspense and mystery. There was always a chance that technology could be used for both good and bad.

However, although Richard Kodai’s Room 0 is to be commended for its purpose and narrative idea, it does not engage the audience. By the end of the movie you may feel exhausted by this script. Yet, Natalya V. Wood offers excellently in her characterization as Susie Q.

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