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Back in 2007, Enchanted gave an interesting twist to the story of a fairy tale bringing out that everybody’s happily ever after looks different no matter what the storybooks say. In addition to that new perspectives came with songs that have stuck around our minds up to this day as well as an “I am angry” gif that still has not lost its sparkle. Of course, whether or not the film has lost its shine when it returns for a sequel 15 years afterward is the real question. And that my friends is kind of a complicated answer! It’s not so much less strong magic on Disenchanted than Enchanted had in 2007 but it’s just a bit different from what it was before.

Perhaps more pointedly, even the demographic excited about this movie is slightly shifted- simply put, people who loved original simple charms are at other stages of their lives now and might feel let down by seeing where this new sequel heads even if many of them actually lands somewhere meaningful. However, I’d say the music in Disenchanted does not possess that same timeless quality like in Enchanted and Nancy played by Idina Menzel can only do so much with silly lyrics.

Giselle (Amy Adams), Robert (Patrick Dempsey), and Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) are just worn out from all of the noise and hustle-bustle of New York City or at least Giselle is. To get back into her perfect life they decide to move themselves out to suburban Monroeville. Except it is really far away from Robert’s job in New York City where he works; Morgan will have to adjust to another school and unfortunately Giselle also feels out of place there too. Plus things go awry when she makes a wish gone wrong, gets called step mother poisonously, and tries dealing with normal magic problems every day.

As one would expect, Adams shines the brightest. Although Disenchanted’s plot does create room for Morgan to become her own savior, this is still Giselle’s story. Watching Adams go from her to the Wicked Stepmother trope against herself is a pleasure which keeps her character delightfully over-the-top against those that seem normal in contrast. Moreover on this note, you will also get a chance of seeing Monroeville fully embracing their Andalasian spirit while having fairytale world dominate the real one at least for some time. What about Patrick Dempsey as flamboyant prince?

One aspect of magic has remained unchanged and these are the costumes. Man! These are stunners! There were a few spectacular dresses for Giselle and her evil double Malvina (Maya Rudolph) but all other clothes were simply fantastic. Besides that, there will be many fun Disney shout-outs! This trio pops up when they first move to town in gardening clothes exactly like the fairies from Sleeping Beauty and you have an idea of what they become when the town becomes more fairytale than it actually is.

While the clothes are beautiful and the sets are wonderful, but without a good modern fairy tale, it’s impossible to have one. Disenchanted has that in spades but it is, as I mentioned, a different kind of magic. Enchanted saw Giselle fighting for herself and learning how to chase her own version of happily ever after. On the other hand, in Disenchanted, she has turned into a member of some team formerly under Andalasian. Her decisions in this regard affect other members of her family while these never require her happiness be abandoned for their sake but teach her to understand them better than that.

And all these make it an ideal message for any simple fantasy story that is good for the entire family.

Ultimately though, Disenchanted is just another amazing alternative storyline from Enchanted though quite distinct itself. But there may still be those fans who feel let down by a choice to sing out loud at a fresh audience rather than growing with its original one nevertheless. Still however, anyone who remembers what was magical about this will find this new take delightful on how much there might be even if you do not like the new music.


Disenchanted is focused on delivering something unlike 2007’s Enchanted and some fans might react differently towards it expecting more of the same stuff. Nonetheless, all that spoils this film are weak lyrics set to bad songs. Amy Adams puts on yet another charming performance as Giselle in this sequel that families can watch together and enjoy themselves when doing so:

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