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The Devil Conspiracy
The Devil Conspiracy
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Perhaps Paul W.S. Anderson’s biblical class would have looked like this — The Devil Conspiracy, done by Nathan Frankowski. The mindless Christian crap that Kevin Sorbo is wasting his time on putting out can’t be compared with this video game-like religious action flick, which will be the coolest thing to watch at children’s catechism classes. You know it’s more of Legion than Saving Christmas by Kirk Cameron when you see Ed Alan as a writer in a holy war against Lucifer full of veiled angels and hooded demons who use foul language because Lucifer swore. Seeing is believing in The Devil Conspiracy, both a positive and negative “What in tarnation?” brand of horror-action Catholic epic.

Taking place in modern times, there is a satanic pharmaceutical biotech company whose intention is to clone Jesus so that they can free the devil from his prison down below if Archangel Michael (Peter Mensah) doesn’t stop them. That is the reason why she does not look like the angelic warrior-styled Michael who fights with flaming swords like God of War’s character. Father Marconi (Joe Doyle) died and his body was occupied by MIchael thus he now has blue electric veins running through him as if Michael’s powers want to burst through him as well . Before her impregnation with Jesus’ DNA and the eart getting infested by Hell’s minions, Michael needs to save an artist Laura who also doubles as a historian.

My apologies for having such a heavy piece of melody but there are some essentials we must grasp about ‘The Devil Conspiracy’. It shares flavors with twisted B-movie “blockbuster” dominant around this decade alongside The Last Witch Hunter or Seventh Son. Frequently impressive Czech Republic sets abound–blessed art galleries and mountaintop corporate fortresses—after an entrance into Lucifer’s stormy desolation domain played metamorphically under coverall makeup by Joe Anderson as Michael’s evil brother. Frankowski is not making a comedy here, but there is a sense of humor used in everything like how glorified and often ridiculous the scenarios are – for instance when Father Marconi’s drink is spiked with chemicals and Lucifer begins to torment him (go along).

Literally, everything about The Devil’s Conspiracy is overdone. In timid priestly garb, Joe Doyle transforms into a holy Terminator who runs across all 80s-action stereotypes and cracks bullet wounds while full-speeding after fast-moving cars. Horror elements are soaked with practical gore so that swinging blades decapitate, dismember, or baptize newborn prodigies in blood. There are science fiction undertones that invade femininity such as fertility trials of clone mothers’ performed like some dystopian sterilized breeding clinic. It gives you possessions, snarling creatures; and biblical myths about the shroud of Turin presented in the manner of Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise (the last ones) or his Monster Hunter adaptation.

Of course, “fun” doesn’t always mean perfect films. Raid movies are flawless smorgasbords of violence — Gerard Butler action blockbusters are fun.

It’s nearly two hours long and you’d need to have patience throughout The Devil Conspiracy because at times it gets funny unintentionally thus destroying suspense on the screen. That should not be mistaken for Frankowski not being committed to blasphemy warfare-driven Christian mythology; only sometimes do the footprints guiding our story seem to disappear or wander off track. This means there is just too much in terms of aesthetics, ideology, and tone to take in one sitting. This could be too much because now we don’t have those elongated sequences where Peter Mensah would wear his Michael crown all day long. No light banter exists since this result can get lost within its own indulgences with its’ 110-minute running time.


The Devil Conspiracy is a template January release not because it is bad, but because it’s a unique genre mix that can attract attention in an uncompetitive month. Expect more silliness than impressive cinematic tricks, however, the budget stands out for its production values, and cruelty surpasses expectations. The gloves are off and Michael’s last war on Earth commences with blaring trumpets as Lucifer slithers into being more of a Hollywood villain than a theological ghost. Though there is confusion regarding lore and overweening ambitions, The Devil Conspiracy barely manages to be enjoyed as if it were a blasphemous spectacle.

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