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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Plot Summary

In Godzilla x Kong, Godzilla and Kong join forces to stop an even greater threat to our planet. The franchise film delves deeper into the histories of the two monsters as well as that of the Iwi civilization.

This film introduces a number of new monsters whose entrance on the scene is breathtaking. We will explain more about how this fits into the plot of the movie for readers who need a breakdown.

Requiem for a Dream

The movie opens with a recap of what took place in its immediate prequel. Both Kong and Godzilla have gone their separate ways after that. Now, he’s enjoying his freedom in Hollow Earth, while Godzillas resting place is the Colosseum. However, both are perturbed by an unidentified signal from Hollow Earth. Even Jia experiences hallucinations and repeatedly sees some mysterious place with glowing pyramids.

This prompts each party to embark on its own journey in search for answers to this mystery. While returning back to an underground area where he found an empty throne, Kong Dr Andrews has joined Trapper and Bernie and decided to use HEAV to explore another region. A carnivorous tree appears at once that they would find it less odd if they saw something ancient like the temple later on. Some things are becoming clear now; this temple belongs to Mothra.

The Iwi civilization 

In Godzilla x Kong, Jia recognizes symbols from her tribe that belong to her fellow tribesmen discovered later one by one. Hollow Earth is home to many people who were believed extinct all these years together with them is very suspicious only when they see Jia being brought before their leader do things start changing for them they recognize her as one of your kind which grew up on Skull Island. Iwi also have seen through secret plans which connects Jia with unfulfilled prophecy about tectonic upheavals

All three stumble upon giant space filled with shimmering pyramids that are hidden by camouflages. The Iwi manage to use a power of gravity for themselves and make it easier by manipulating it. Jia is this unfilled prophecy’s savior of the Iwi people who will waken Mothra from its dormant state. Rubicon war between Skar Godzilla x Kong would call in Mothra.

Skar King’s bid to take over the world

We also learn about the past of these apes and Godzilla through this prophecy. Many years ago, Skar King and other big monkeys fought with Godzilla, but he controlled them long-tailed monster winning and locking apes into Hollow Earth. In order to resurrect ice age on Earth, King intends to return onto surface using another ancient titan Shimu for his reign. He has a group of violent gorillas working for him around the clock trying to execute his plan successfully; reaching here Kong first got glimpse of the huge monkeys .

Having sensed their hostility, he fought them off until he came across Suko, a mini-ape who initially hated Kong. Nonetheless, the duo grew closer on their way to Skar King’s hideout. The dextrous movements of the King and Shimo as a trump card which turns the tables for Kong make the two have an uphill task here. It bites him so hard that it almost causes his death: thanks to Suko’s quick thinking. However, one of the warriors belonging to Skar’s tribe followed behind him and Suko.

Kong feels Jia in the temple and walks towards her. And this is where he sees this lair as well as a portal opening downward into earth. He goes back to inform Skar at his lair who instantly marches with his army alongside Shimo. Trapper repairs Kong’s hand and gives him a new mechanical arm through Project Powerhouse that increased his power again.

Suko notices that Skar is moving rapidly with his army and tells Kong about it. She asks him to help them out when Godzilla has gone down to the surface again in order to bring back more monsters from Hollow Earth for aid against Skar and his men.

Godzilla Supercharge

Godzilla is awakened by an unknown signal while still sleeping soundly within its confines (the Colosseum). He then starts going towards various sources of power to recharge himself fully up. But what exactly? Godzilla too senses this threat against Iwi people in Hollow Earth and is getting ready for another war against Skar King.

However, as much as Kong wishes it were so, Godzilla does not see it like that but considers it an invitation to battle with him instead of returning home together peacefully with Alexander, also known as Zilla Junior. On the other hand, there are moments when even though he defeats Kong momentarily by pinning him down thereby giving himself an upper hand over him before being short-circuited by the supercharger; Godzilla, too, does not give up.

Jia manages to awaken Mothra who in turn returns to the surface and brings back two monsters together through Hollow Earth. They then face Skar and his army.

Explanantion of Ending:

There is a fierce battle going on. Nevertheless, Iwi succeed to close the portal by putting two pyramids together which makes it possible for Skar as well as Shimo emerge at Rio de Janeiro, where they settle their final differences. As a result, Godzilla and Kong had no options but to join forces in order to fight against the threat that was coming their way.

It is hard for the pair to go up against Shimo’s streams of ice but with Suko’s help they manage anyway. The game changes when Suko destroys the stone that controlled Shimo. Consequently, Godzilla x Kong successfully kill Skar and now have upper hands over him.

Shimo also contributes in finally killing off Skar who tortured him so badly for malicious reasons. He uses his own atomic breath that neutralizes Shimo’s iced breath thus restoring peace. Finally he returns peacefully back home sleeping at Colosseum forgetting about all these issues that happened earlier.

Kong goes back to Skar’s lair where he takes control of the ape army. All of them follow him because they see a good leader and king in him. Since Kong has been generous to him before, Shimo becomes free from his chains becoming Kong’s slave loyal servant instead. With her decision that she has made together with Andrews – Jia chooses to stay on earth but promises Andrew never leave him behind forever till eternity as promised previously she made initially.

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