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The third episode of Chief Detective 1958 titled “Highwaymen” opens with a gang of thugs robbing a bank in Suwon City. Meanwhile, Chief Yu finds out that Ho-jeong had to leave his family behind to become a cop and Yeong-han asked him to join the team with Gyeong-hwan and Sang-sun. Chief Yu, Yeong-han and his four officers make up Unit 1 of Jongnam Police Station.

Superintendent Choi catches wind of this and tells the unit to clean out all the beggars in the Jongnam village market. Gyeong-hwan is disappoint that his first case is so small but Yeong-han tries to keep their spirits up. Yeong-han gives them a pep talk and the four detectives head over to the village market where they round up the beggars and scold them for causing a scene in the village.

Yeong-han calls out the beggars for trying to steal from the shop owners in the market. He feels bad for them but asks them to return all the goods they stole. The beggars start returning items thanks to Yeong-han’s kindness. The rest of the team tells Yeonhgan that Superintendent Choi will be pissed at them but takes them out for lunch instead.

Meanwhile, Hye-ju waits for Yeong-han at the cinema. At Grandma’s restaurant, Yeonhgan explains how this kindness towards the beggars will help them catch real thugs to other three people. He adds that now these beggars could work as their informants also might cooperate with them in future times.

At lunchtime, Ho-jeong tells everyone else on his team how he wanted to become a cop after finding some prestigious badge. He talks about Bonnie and Clyde as well as Frank Hammer, however none of his references are understood by anyone else.

Ho-jeong explains that Bonnie and Clyde were lovers who committed crimes together. After leaving the restaurant, Yeong-han suddenly remembers asking Hye-ju out on a date and rushes to the cinema. Meanwhile, Hye-ju finally leaves to return home after being stood up by Yeong-han. Yeong-han tries to go into the bookstore but waits outside when he sees Nan-sil going in.

Inside, Nan-sil notices that Hye-ju is in a bad mood and asks what’s wrong. Hye-ju opens up to Nan-sil about how Yeong-han stood her up. At the same time, Yeong-han stands outside the bookstore waiting for Nan-sil to leave where he learns about the bank robbery. At the same time, the group of robbers divide up their loot between themselves as there were five of them. They decide they will leave the country after doing one last robbery on their way out.

The robbers talk about how Sergeant Kim will give them their last target. Paju-daek and Eun-dong discuss ongoing bank robberies with Yeonhgan at boarding house where he tries to reassure them telling if anything like that happens in Seoul he won’t just be sitting around waiting for it to happen.

The following day, at Jong-nam station, Unit 1 is discussing that Seoul will be the next target of bank thieves. They are talking about the robbery details as mentioned in the newspaper. Ho-jeong notes that since they were wearing boots and jackets. Chief Detective 1958 could mean that they were from the military. They also talk about how robbers’ escape vehicle was modified and carried firearms too.

At this moment, Superintendent Choi calls all cops at Jongnam Station for a debriefing. He tells Chief Yu that he wants every cop in the station to be present at a meeting next Wednesday and stresses on them being compulsory because it’s about Lee Jung-jae’s protection. Chief Yu informs Superintendent Choi about investigation of bank robberies done by Unit 1.

Superintendent Choi dismisses Yeong-han and rest of Unit 1 members’ argument claiming that thieves won’t be foolish enough to come Seoul with an earful for Chief Yu as well as ordering them to focus on their jobs as told while doing so. On other hand, robbers receive envelope containing information on three banks they must rob next from Seargeant Kim.

One among these three banks is Goryeo Bank situated in Jongnam hence it’s up-to-thieves what bank they will decide to rob but police won’t be putting any surveillance around there because according their knowledge everybody would be attending meeting except them. At Jongnam station itself, start discussing strategies but keep discussion private from other cops.

Yeong-han goes to tailor get his suit then wears it before going apologize Hye-ju for keeping her waiting where upon seeing him dressed like that she gets amazed but pretends not care whether he stood her up or not. She tries act like doesn’t need his help though still he offers fix bookshelf for her.

After some minor hiccups Yeong-han manages fix shelf something which makes Hye-ju impressed but tries hide it so asks him what he’s going to do now that messed up new shirt then tells willing accept his apology. Later evening, walks Hye-ju home and two chat about how wanted be detective then asks what does she want become whereby hesitates saying an actress.

As they chat bond though when asks him about wound on his wrist becomes silent then tells her got scar while student soldier. She gifts him bracelet from local shop cover up scar which touches Yeong-han. That night, Sang-sun, Gyeong-hwan and Ho-jeong gather at Yeong-han’s boarding house along with Eun-dong and Guk-jin.

Having been assist by Eun-dong, the detectives are able to determine which bank the robbers are going to target. They choose Goryeo Bank in Jongnam because it has a lot of money and accounts for many rich people as well as celebrities. Yeong-han asks Ho-jeong to figure out the time of attack using his research skills on previous reports. Yeong-han also tells the beggars to keep an eye out for a modified jeep.

Sang-sun partners with Eun-dong and tries to understand how the safe that is fill with cash inside the bank operates. According to him, the safe requires a key and a passcode which only branch managers know about. Sang-sun trains Gyeong-hwan and Ho-jeong on how to use guns. While at the same time trying to figure out when exactly they will attack.

One day before their planned robbery, one of their beggar friends spots a modified jeep parked outside Goryeo Bank. He quickly goes and informs Yeong-han and all other cops around. Who later give him some money so that he can have his meal before leaving them behind again. In an unfair game of rock paper scissors. Yeong-han reveals that Sang-sun should disguise himself as bank security guard since Chief Detective 1958 known fact that thieves normally kill guards after completing their missions.

Yeong-han takes Sang-sun over where he briefs Chief Im-Jae along with rest branch managers about their plan knowing very well what could happen if things fail. Ho-jeoung tells other Unit 1 members that group of robbers will take advantage of them being too much preoccupied with Lee Jung-jae whom they also know so well. Chief Yu suggests these two officers skip meeting altogether but instead go ahead catch these thieves according set arrangements between both parties involved in this case.

Chief Yu tries reasoning with Superintendent Choi but he is quick enough to call them out for disobeying his orders and threatens holding Unit 1 in a cell unless they attend the meeting as required by him. The next morning Sang-sun goes into bank dressed up like an employee while Yeong-han, Gyeong-hwan & Ho-jeoung pretend joining Jongnam cops at meeting but try escaping through rear exit.

The robbers are however not left behind as they too prepare themselves for their attack. Just when Yeong-han together with Gyeong-hwan plus Ho-jeoung think that it is high time they flee from where other officers have caught them and locked them inside a cell somewhere within vicinity of that same building. The trio successfully manages to convince cop who was guarding their cell let them out before rushing towards bank. Meanwhile Hye-ju arrives at the bank requesting Eun-dong assists her make an international transaction.

They suddenly show up shouting threats & pointing guns towards everyone present there. Including staff members as well customers who had come transact business with this financial institution. Hye-ju tries running away. But one among these criminals spots her again then forces back inside. Yeong-han luckily makes it together other two men, at least near vicinity. But can’t do anything since unable contain those outside so waits outside instead. Gyeong-hwan knocks driver down while Yeonhhan dresses himself like robber inside.

Inside bank premises, robbers are busy trying wake up branch manager who has been put under influence of some kind medicinal tea given to him by Sang-sun via Eun-dong. Their target being money house; all remaining cash still left there must be collect quickly before making way outside because already there were sounds police sirens could heard around area. One among themselves takes Hye-ju hostage walking her out.

Gyeong-hwan and Ho-jeong are outside threatening to shoot the robbers. Yeong-han, with a mask over his face, gets out of the jeep. He shows Hye-ju the bracelet she had given him some nights before and puts her in the car. Yeong-han stages a car chase with the robbers in the jeep. He keeps driving the jeep around in circles. Which angers one of the robbers.

The robber asks Yeong-han to take off his mask but Hye-ju pretends to be crazy and distracts them. Eventually, Yeong-han brings the jeep outside the meeting location where Superintendent Choi. Chief Yu and other cops from Jongnam are standing. While other Jongnam cops take credit for arresting bank robbers, Yeon-Han manages to save Hye-Ju.

Local news reports take photos of Superintendent Choi. Chief Byun and other cops while Chief Yu and Unit 1 cops check up on each other. Cops tease Yeong-han for having a crush on Hye-ju. Ho-jeong is shocked to hear this because he likes her too. The next day, Superintendent Choi gives Young-Han and rest of Unit 1 an earful for not following his orders.

They ask him to share reward for catching thieves so they don’t get punish. Superintendent Choi kicks them out and Unit 1 members discuss how tiring/dangerous their missions were. Yeong-Han suddenly realizes that once again he forgot his movie date with Hye-Ju.

But when he arrives there he sees that she was waiting for him. Yeong-Han apologizes for being late as he takes her hand and leads her inside cinema hall. The episode ends with group military finding multiple infant corpses buried under ground.


Chief Detective 1958 show is really fun to watch. Chief Detective 1958 is interesting too. After seeing origin of Unit 1 it’s even more exciting to see the group coming together and solving crimes. Episodes are longer with run time of 75 minutes and over but it’s interesting to see the group get together and fight crime.

Hye-Ju and Yeong-Han’s romance is very cute. Chief Detective 1958 will be interesting to see how this goes forward because we have a heartbroken Ho-jeong watching them fall in love. Hope Ho-jeong finds a partner too as does Sang-Sun. Clearly we will see Gyeon-hwan’s romance with vegetable vendor girl also. With constant interruptions from Superintendent Choi. It will be interesting to see how Yeong-Han and team bring Lee Jung-jae and crime down.

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