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The Case of the Starving Serpent

Who is Crystal, really?

In episode 8 of Dead Boy Detectives, was revealed that Crystal’s parents are rich and neglectful and she’s just a terrible person in general. No surprises there. Meanwhile, Esther has been testing her new machine where she tortures a ghost to extract power from it until the ghost disappears into nothingness, and her next target is Edwin.

Crystal calls her parents who didn’t know she was missing in the first place. She eats another memory ball and realizes that she needs to go home to deal with all this stuff she never knew existed about herself. Also, since Niko and Edwin are such good friends, they tell her they’ll miss her when they go back to London.

While all of this is happening, Jenny finally wakes up. Crystal and Niko tell her about demons and ghosts and show her the sprites in the jar. Now Jenny can see Edwin and Charles too. Later on, Crystal says goodbye to everyone and leaves only to come back after an explosion at the butcher shoppe. It turns out Esther did it, and she’s got the two boys captive. Niko and Crystal decide to save them.

They go visit the cat king to get information on Esther. And so begins a story from the cat king about how Esther came beautiful but poor working hard when she arrived in New England blah blah blah black magic killed husband yada yada ancient goddess immortal no youth gimme little girls giant magic snake you know how it goes.

Crystal and Niko stop by the magic shoppe where Tragic Mike gives them black salt against witchery along with a lucky charm for Niko as thanks for hearing his story or whatever. They arrive at Esther’s house. They toss Charles’ infinity bag at him and tell him to kill the snakey bitch while Monty – now a damn crow – helps Charles escape from Esther’s iron binding.

What happens to Esther?

Esther has been torturing Edwin and powering up from his pain. The black salt does nothing for her. In the scuffle, Niko shields Crystal and dies from Esther’s attack. Crystal reaches into Esther’s mind with her powers and invokes Lilith. The goddess of wronged women, telling her that Esther has been sacrificing young girls to stay young or whatever. At the same time Charles has been fighting the snake that keeps Esther forever young, and he finally kills it. Then Esther flips back into her old persona while Lilith appears and drags Esther away as punishment or whatever. Edwin is saved but Niko dies in the process.

What happens to Edwin and Charles?

Back at Jenny’s they find out Niko’s body is being shipped back to Japan. Crystal invites Jenny to London and she says she’ll think about it. Edwin meets with the cat king one last time before leaving town. They part on good terms. And Edwin tells him how many cats there really are in this damn city.

At the London office of the Dead Boy Detectives. The Night Nurse and her boss seem to be taking them back to the Afterlife. However, he thanks them for saving so many lives and allows them to stay on earth as long as they want in order to solve cases. He appoints the Night Nurse as their guardian while they’re still alive, which she’s not happy about.

In a short epilogue, someone is seen holding Niko’s lucky charm — suggesting that maybe her soul didn’t move on to the Afterlife after all. And that’s how season 1 of Dead Boy Detectives ends.

The Review

As much as it was shocking, the finale episode of Dead Boy Detectives was action pack. Well, I mean, Niko had been getting some bad vibes from that death crystal ball she got from that sailor ghost in the lighthouse. But hey — if there’s ever a season 2 made we’ll see her again!

But seriously — I love how this show balanced myth/urban legends. And serious themes with fun quirky supernatural cases experienced by these Dead boy detectives! A chaotic end to match the chaos of this series, can’t wait for more young adult supernatural mystery!

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