3 Best Korean Dramas Of All Time

Best Korean Dramas
Best Korean Dramas Of All Time
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A Single Spark (Park Kwang-su, 1995)

Why do you have to see it?

The activist Jeon Tae-il occupies an important place in the history of the struggle for workers’ rights in Korea, as portrayed in Park Kwang-su’s film. A perfect biopic to learn about the different labor movements that dynamized the country until 1970 Funded by 5,000 patrons. Today it is considered a collective effort (both on and off screen) that demonstrates the true “Korean spirit”. The movie was written by Master Lee Chang-dong. It is one of the best Korean dramas.

And what is it about?

The voice of an intellectual named Kim Yong-su recalls the dark years of Park Cheng-hee’s dictatorship and the time he spent writing a book about the life of a union leader who self-immolated in defense of his ideas in 1970.

The Pansori Singer (Im Kwon-taek, 1993)

Why do you have to see it?

Did you know the ancient Pansori theater? If you are like me, you will like to discover this film about an art that was born in the 19th century and today is protected by UNESCO. A pansori performance can last between three and nine hours, has a singer and a percussionist. One of the most genuinely Korean artistic manifestations. Im Kwon-taek’s (‘Drunk with Women and Painting’) film explores a tradition hidden behind the country’s resounding modernity.

And what is it about?

Yu-bong, the father of the family, determines to pass down his Pansori skills to his adopted children Song-hwa and Dong-ho. But his draconian teachings begin to tear the family apart.

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? (Bae Yong-kyun, 1989)

Why do you have to see it?

Historical milestone (for a magnificent work). It was the first South Korean film to release in the United States. One-made movie, its director Bae Yong-kyun. A professor at Dongguk University and a painter spent seven years shooting and editing the film. Magnetic, spectacular, and deeply mysterious at the same time. We recommend it for those of you looking for a unique film.

And what is it about?

It centers on three Buddhist monks: the orphaned boy Hae-jin, the young monk Ki-bong, and the Zen master Hye-gok. The film is more of a mediation, an examination of Buddhism, and a reflection on the true path of realization.

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