Watch The Best Funny Movies Of All Time

Best Funny Movies Of All Time
Watch The Best Funny Movies Of All Time
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Welcome to a journey through some of the most unexpected and strange films of the past two decades. From the Argentinean anthology of revenge stories in “Wild Tales” to the wicked “Bad Grandpa,” this selection will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and unexpected laughs. We’ll also explore the delicate balance between tragedy and comedy in “World’s Greatest Dad,” the zany martial arts comedy of “Kung Fu Hustle,” and the surprising reinvention of the buddy comedy in “The Climb.” Get ready to be entertained, challenged, and maybe even a little shocked by these Best Funny Movies Of All Time that dared to break the rules and carve their own path in cinema.

“Wild Tales” (2014)

Damian Szifron’s six Spanish-language short films in “Wild Tales” showcase the precision needed to do comedy well, with one short even blurring the lines between terror and punchlines. The film also features punchy characterizations and a storytelling economy. Such as an ex-con’s response to her imprisonment: “Doing nothing I regret.” Szifron’s upcoming English-language debut, “Misanthrope,” gives hope for another thrillingly uncomfortable experience.

“Bad Grandpa” (2013)

Stephen Prouty earned an Oscar nomination at the 86th Academy Awards for his impressive prosthetic work on Johnny Knoxville’s portrayal of naughty grandpa Irving Zisman in Jeff Tremaine’s typically raunchy “Jackass” spinoff entry. Follow Irving and his impressionable grandson (Jackson Nicoll) on a cross-country road trip that pairs them with society’s most infamous and most unexpecting. With hilarious cameos from “Jackass” behind-the-scenes alum Spike Jonze and even Catherine Keener (though left on the cutting room floor). This film pushes the edges of good and bad taste.

“World’s Greatest Dad” (2009)

Robin Williams showcases his comedic and dramatic chops in “World’s Greatest Dad”. A film that fearlessly turns a sensitive topic like suicide into comedy gold. Williams’ character tries to hide the embarrassing details surrounding his son’s death, leading to his posthumous celebrity status. While the film takes on a sadder context after Williams’ death. It remains an excellent showcase of his talents.

“Kung Fu Hustle” (2004)

Stephen Chow’s “Kung Fu Hustle” reimagines 1940s Shanghai with a mix of Shaw brothers and “Looney Tunes” style. The film stars Chow and Lam Chi-Chung as a pair of crooks. Who dreams of joining the violent gang running their town. The film’s fight scenes are a highlight. And includes a hilarious bit where two assassins wielding guzhengs are defeated by a cigarette-puffing landlady. The film is a prime example of the wuxia genre’s ability to blend humor and martial arts. 

“The Climb” (2019)

Michael Covino’s debut film “The Climb” reinvents the buddy comedy with stunning cinematic ambition. It tells the story of two friends who test the boundaries of their friendship. When a woman comes between them, resulting in a fresh vision of boozy showdowns and awkward laments that stands out among the testosterone-fueled dude movies of recent years.

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