5 Adventure Movies For Kids

Adventure Movies For Kids
5 Adventure Movies For Kids
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These movies take us on a journey of adventure, exploring the ordinary and extraordinary lives of people and animals alike. “Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin Usual and Incredible” (1983) and “Guest from the Future” (1984) offer a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of children, filled with magic and wonder. “Beethoven” (1992) tells the heartwarming story of a lovable, slobbering St. Bernard who brings joy and chaos to his adoptive family. “The Adventures of the Elektronic” (1979) takes us on a space adventure with a team of robots, showcasing the power of teamwork and ingenuity. Finally, “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993) follows the incredible journey of three pets who set out to find their way back home, traversing dangerous landscapes and relying on their friendship and loyalty to survive. so, here is the list of Adventure Movies For Kids.

“Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Usual and Incredible” (1983)

Comedy, Adventure

Third grade students Vasya Petrov and Petya Vasechkin are best friends. Vasya, unlike his friend, is more modest and shy, while Petya is a real merry fellow and inventor. Completely different from each other, they resourcefully extricate themselves from various stories in which they constantly find themselves.

“Guest from the Future” (1984)

Sci-Fi, Adventure

A cult film about Alisa Selezneva and a myelophone, an adaptation of Kir Bulychev’s famous novel One Hundred Years Ahead. Simple pioneer Kolya Gerasimov goes for kefir. It seems that this is the beginning of an exciting science fiction film, but it really is. On the way, Kolya meets his friend Fima Korolev, and together they decide to go into an old two-story house. And there, in the basement of this ruin, Kolya finds a secret door behind which opens the entrance to the world of adventure. 

“Beethoven” (1992)

Comedy, Family

The hero of the film is not a great composer, but a handsome St. Bernard accidentally named after him. Having got into the family that sheltered him as a puppy, the dog quickly became friends with the children and their mother – only the father looked askance at the restless household. It is one of the best Adventure Movies For Kids

“The Adventures of the Elektronic” (1979)

Animation, Adventure

A Soviet scientist creates an ingenious robot capable of solving mathematical problems of any level of complexity, he can also write compositions and sing wonderfully. This robot is also an absolute copy of the schoolboy Sergei Syroezhkin, who without hesitation shifts his school and home affairs to an electronic friend.

“Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993)

Family, Adventure

A young couple with three children leaves their pets (two dogs Shadow and Chance and a cat Sessy) for a while with a friend. But the animals, having decided that something has happened to their owners, because of which they cannot return for them, go on an incredible adventure through rivers, mountains, and forests with all its inhabitants, home, in order, following the call of noble hearts, to fulfill its purpose.

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