Top 3 Films With Unexpected Journeys

Top 3 Films With Unexpected Journeys
Top 3 Films With Unexpected Journeys
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In this introduction, we will explore the Top 3 Films With Unexpected Journeys. “The Chalk Line” from 2022, “The Machinist” from 2004, and “I Came By” from 2022  are amazing movies. Each movie offers a unique story with an unforgettable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. These movies showcase a great way of storytelling with unexpected twists. In “The Chalk Line” from 2022, where every line drawn carries a deeper meaning. “The Machinist” from 2004 explores mind-bending secrets. And in “I Came By” from 2022 unfolds a tale of suspense, mystery, and the unpredictable paths life may take.

The Chalk Line (2022)

A thriller with hints of terror in which the excellent Elena Anaya stands out. In ‘Cage’, Ignacio Tatay’s debut feature. We meet Paula (Elena Anaya) and her husband (Pablo Molinero), a married couple. who decide to take in a girl (Eva Tennear) who lives obsessed with the fantasy of a monster. That will be punished if it comes out of a chalk square painted on the ground. Paula will begin to investigate what is hidden behind this. And she will go in search of the ghosts of the past that frighten the girl.

The Machinist (2004)

The Spanish production starring Christian Bale. Before beginning his career as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. And for which he weighed 54 kg, introduced us to Trevor Reznik, a factory employee. Who has suffered from a serious illness for a year? insomnia problem, something that causes severe hallucinations. ‘The Machinist’ is a film that talks about the terrible feeling of guilt. With echoes of some of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films. That has one of Bale’s great performances.

I Came By (2022)

The film is by Babak Anvari, director of the disturbing ‘Under the Shadow’ and ‘Wounds’. Plunges us into a suspense thriller with a social conscience. Where even good Hugh Bonneville, from ‘Downton Abbey’, ends up becoming a disturbing guy. With George MacKay, ‘Pasaba por aquí’ (‘I Came By’ in English) follows a graffiti artist and self-described social justice. Who leaves messages on the walls of the houses of powerful men in London with the aim of frightening and balancing them. the balance. However, in his first job without his partner. he will discover a basement full of secrets and a man who is not what he seems. One of the best movies on Netflix in 2022.

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