Top 3 Cinematic Paranormal Movies: Thrills And Supernatural Scares

Top 3 Cinematic Paranormal Movies
Top 3 Cinematic Paranormal Movies: Thrills and Supernatural Scares
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Let’s discuss the  Top 3 Cinematic Paranormal Movies that showcase amazing adventures of the world of spirits. As we look into the eerie narrative of “Evil Dead (2013)”. The regular intense thrill of “It (2017)” and the disorderly world of “The Conjuring Universe”. These movies take us on an amazing adventure where the line between reality and paranormal blurs,  and scary entities lurk in the shadows. Each movie offers an unforgettable entertainment experience with its great way of storytelling. “It (2017)” movie is an adaptation of Stephen King highest selling novel with the same name IT.

Evil Dead (2013)

Continuing the story of the deadites and the Necronomicon in a cabin in the woods after Sam Raimi’s magnificent trilogy was a dangerous job. But Fede Álvarez got around it with flying colours, betting on a cruder and dirtier tone of gore than the previous ones. Which derived more towards humour since its second instalment.

It (2017)

After the disappearance of some children in Derry (Maine). A group of young people must face their greatest fears and an evil clown named Pennywise, who has been committing very violent crimes for centuries. That’s the premise of this Stephen King adaptation, which carried over with unprecedented success in this Andy Muschietti film.

The Conjuring Universe

On HBO Max you can find not only two movies starring the Warren couple. ‘ The Warren File ‘ and ‘ The Warren File: The Enfield Case ‘; the third, ‘ The Warren File: Compelled by the Demon ‘, has just gone through theatres and will arrive soon. But also other titles in the franchise, such as ‘ Annabelle ‘. Of course, it is the current horror franchise of reference and one that always ensures us many scares in the living room. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights! And also check the Warren File chronology. The story is based on a real marriage of demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren ( Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga).), who toured the country in the 1970s studying paranormal phenomena.

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