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So the Grinch. The fairy tale classic revolves around a town where only cheerful, kind-hearted and cheerful people live, for whom Christmas is something like cocaine. The whole town comes alive with the smell of candy, everywhere there are trees, and milk and cookies for Santa have been prepared since mid-October. Well, above this Christmas comfort, there is a cave, in it lives the green Grinch, who hates everything nice, cheerful, and above all happy, and when he finds out that this year Christmas is going to be three times more epic than last year, he decided to intervene and steal everyone’s presents, trees and decorations. But maybe there’s a chance he could enjoy the holidays too. All you have to do is open your heart to sincere children’s souls and smiles and become a better being while singing carols…

The Grinch certainly won’t impress with a story that is uncomplicated so that even the smallest viewers won’t get lost in it. And now I mean the really stubborn kids who have already packed a school bag, they will probably be able to do it without any problems. The Grinch goes around being mean most of the time, then he steals, and then something happens and he starts being nice. Oh, and there’s also a story about a little girl whose wish is for her mom to be happy and not have to work so much. And then there is a lot of singing and everyone is friends. There really isn’t much. I don’t know if it’s a fault of the original or a fault of the adaptation, but I didn’t even sit in the cinema for an hour and a half and honestly, I was terribly bored. And then a short film about Mimoný was shown.

The Grinch is stretching terribly. It doesn’t have an interesting enough story or hero to make it work in feature form. In addition, the creators save a lot of jokes. Occasionally they get a fun visual thing going, and the first fly-through of Christmas Town suggests that the ideas were there, but unfortunately, they ran out quickly. The Grinch is a jerk and needs to get better. And with that, one has to make do with most of the footage, and in the end, even his Christmas epiphany will be done rather hastily. In addition, Illumination’s visual style remains more or less the same, and I personally had enough of all those bold colors and disheveled heroes.

Play the trailer was bored. I didn’t like the plot, I didn’t like the hero, and I didn’t like how it all looked. I understand that I’m not the target and I understand that the studio was probably very limited by the original, but I can’t imagine why I would want to release this to children as a Christmas story when there are dozens of more entertaining, educational, or funny stories. The not-so-successful dubbing (the main character doesn’t really sound like a little girl) and the strange decision not to translate the songs into Czech won’t score the Grinch points either. Maybe it’s all too American a thing, which logically corresponds to all the nonsense about Santa, gingerbread men, and things like that. But I’m afraid it’s simply not a very good movie. If you don’t need to see everything with the kids, feel free to skip it. Just don’t tell them about the prequel with Mimoni, or you’ll probably have to go to it anyway.

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