Russian Horror Movies Worth Watching This Halloween

Russian Horror Movies
Russian Horror Movies Worth Watching This Halloween
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Horror movies with Russian histories are the most remarkable performances in history which make everyone goosebumps with the thrilling experience and these ones should watch at least one time for the extraordinary experiences.


2017 / Fantasy, Melodrama / Russia

Two young producers decided to write a movie about the 2013 smashing of a vegetable base in Biryulyovo by mobs of Moscow residents. Simply swap out the guests for aliens. Following that, they convinced Fyodor Bondarchuk to make this movie, and he accepted, telling himself it was a short love story. For IMAX only. In actuality, these two events marked the beginning of one of the most ambitious films in Russian cinema today.

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

1982 / Family movie / USA

The concept of aliens in movies has undoubtedly been transformed by Steven Spielberg. because his extraterrestrial is a little child his “adult” relatives unintentionally left behind on the planet. The alien establishes the first precedent for interstellar friendship by getting to know the young kid Eliot. She is, for example, childishly innocent and unsophisticated, which is probably just how she is supposed to be. Although it is unlikely that humanity has entirely embraced this concept, the movie was for a long time the undisputed leader in global film distribution.

Mars Attacks!

 1996 / Comedy / USA

Tim Burton unquestionably made the most unusual movie of his career, which was undoubtedly inspired by vintage alien postcards. Because, in contrast to the canon, the Martians proved to be more cunning and vicious than one might anticipate. He assembled a sizable cast of A-list celebrities and “killed” almost all of them on-screen. The film’s box office performance fell short of the producers’ expectations, giving way to a simpler and more comprehensible version of “Independence Day” because of their outrageous sense of humour and blazing weapons.

Edge Of Tomorrow

2014 / Action, Adventure / USA

Most importantly, it’s just Groundhog Day with aliens involved. Every time Major William Cage engages in combat with the aliens, he dies, but each time he is sent back to try again and fix any mistakes that may have occurred. Although Tom Cruise lacks Bill Murray’s comedic skills, he makes an effort to blend in.


 2013 / Mystery, Action, Adventure / USA

One of the best extraterrestrial movies ever, without a doubt. A married couple lives hundreds of metres away in a stylish apartment in the far future. The husband’s primary responsibility is to check the perimeter of a sizable area and remove threats, which he actually accomplishes fairly successfully. Until he gets the chance to reexamine his family ties and slightly alter his perception of the world

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