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It is easy to see how Ricky Stanicky’s concept is simple – a group of three friends who pay an actor to pretend to be a fictitious friend that they have been using for years as their generic alibi in order not to get into trouble – could potentially make for an amazing comedy. This means that the casting of Zac Efron, someone with comedic talent, and John Cena, who can also do comedy well, as its main cast members makes sense. However, its final product does not match the few solid laughs it had.

As the children (represented by a hilarious “dog’s turd splatters on some kids” scene which was quite disgusting) story goes, Ricky Stanicky is Dean’s imaginary friend (played by Efron), Wes (Jermaine Fowler) and JT (Andrew Santino) made up when they were young; this invented fall guy for all their misdoings and absences. Obviously, the Ricky scam has never been scrutinized because they have kept it alive for twenty-five years without ever introducing him to anyone else in their lives or showing his picture or video clip at any point. They supply him with a phone number and even create an Instagram account where ‘Ricky’ posts pictures he isn’t in but there isn’t enough evidence to tell such big lies over so many years.

Yes, I am aware that I am expecting logic from a stupid movie created by one-half of the Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary directing team. But that would have been easier if only Ricky Stanicky was more amusing during its opening moments. When you are laughing it takes more to ruin your fun though in case you think about it like this. Nonetheless, most establishing scenes are dreary while Wes, JT, and Dean appear extremely conniving as they lie their families into believing that their best pal Rick has cancer thus he is admitted to the hospital because they want to skip a baby shower- for JT’s kid! And instead attend the Atlantic City concert.

Though, if only these guys were complete and utter bastards, the Ricky lie would be slightly funnier even though it feels like director Peter Farrelly (and his five listed co-writers) wanted one thing here but something else there – they have tried to make the Ricky lie an amusing flaw shared by three likable men. Nonetheless, the tone is wrong; it is very boring besides hardly any of its jokes work except when Cena appears.

The parachute drops Rod, “Rock Hard Rod,” Cena from a better and funnier movie. The WWE Superstar has shown his commitment to comedy above and beyond himself at the expense of personal self-consciousness in this joke and does it again, playing something of a pitiable idol. A professional performer by trade, His acts are entirely made up of songs parodying sexual gratification; Rick Stanicky is at his best when Cena goes through Rod’s playlist as he wears the different costumes of the musicians he is mocking. (That’s why he’s dressed like Britney Spears on the poster.)

Getting into a conversation with Efron, Fowler, and Santino at a casino bar Cena comes with much-needed comic relief, talking about ‘jizz-jams’ while boasting about how good his Owen Wilson impersonation is. Understandably so his character impresses men to such an extent that whenever circumstances arise in which they are compelled to ultimately introduce Ricky Stanicky to their families, they pick out Rod first.

As Rodney acting as Ricky takes part in JT’s newborn son’s bris with William H. Macy as Dean and Ted JT’s boss bemusedly looking on during which Cena bounces off all his co-stars. As an added touch this actor playing Rod is just as devoted to giving a good performance as he is in studying the Ricky “Bible” that was given to him by guys after talking themselves blue coming up with questions for him.(Also noted: that Cena looks ridiculous being muscular yet old compared to these boys whom he supposedly grew up with.).

However, nonetheless speaking effectively only lasts for some time even if cena may be present in it.. This should be hilarious but instead, Farrelly decides not to take after either of his last two films Green Book or The Greatest Beer Run Ever featuring Efron which were more dramatic even though none had anything spectacular come out from them.

However, there was always some weightiness or sentimentality in Farrelly brothers’ films – even Dumb and Dumber took time out to humanize its imbecilic protagonists with Jim Carrey’s big “sick and tired” speech. Nevertheless, the entire third act of Ricky Stanicky veers deep into drama with multiple emotional confrontations and a fairly dark backstory for Dean that feels out of place and lacks weight. It is too much, too close together, and would have needed to be done far more subtly than Ricky Stanicky can achieve. This is an awkward change of pace that falls short of the pathos it aspires to.

Ricky Stanicky would be a good name for a movie about Rod’s second self, who is actually the only character, with Efron, Fowler, and Santino trying their best but still failing to have much depth. Last year in The Iron Claw Efron was also very impressive however when Dean unexpectedly hears that Ted has some news about Ricky he says one hilarious line. The majority of the main characters are unremarkable with each being introduced by one flaw or problem which is expected to be solved at the end before the credits roll.

The same goes for the supporting cast such as Lex Scott Davis, Anja Savcic, and Daniel Monks playing respective romantic interests like Dean for Lex Scott Davis, JT for Anja Savcic, and Wes for Daniel Monks – all these guys are characters who rarely laugh out loud only having one tone character.


It would be nice if Peter Farrelly could recreate his comedic genius together with his brother from the 90s; unfortunately this does not happen in Ricky Stanicky. It concentrates too much on uninteresting characters talking nonsense half of which is supposed to be funny while others are supposed to be dramatic but it doesn’t really work. Ricky Stanicky himself is perhaps the only reason why you should watch this film as Cena plays him fearlessly throughout. But even a standout performance from Cena cannot keep Ricky Stanicky alive through its drawn-out third act where it really starts to drag.

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