Must-Watch Action Movies of 2018 Ever Made

Must-Watch Action Movies of 2018 Ever Made
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Action movies fanbase is wider and most of them are favorites of the young generations. And many action heroes and heroines are idols and they want to become like that. Here we have mentioned the top action movies of the leading popular roles that are a sure shot to watch.

Death Wish

2018 / Drama, Crime, Action / USA

A remake of the action movie of the same name, filmed by Michael Winner in 1974 (“Sentinel”, “Rendezvous with Death”). Eli Roth (Green Hell, Who’s There) worked on the production of the new version, and Bruce Willis played the main role. He plays the humble ER doctor Paul Kersey, who is faced with criminal outrage. Once, robbers break into his house, kill his wife and almost send her daughter to the next world (as a result, she falls into a coma). The police cannot investigate this crime, and then Kersey decides to find the killers on his own.


2018 / Adventure, Sci-fi, Action / USA

Tired of the hustle and bustle, ex-Special Forces Davis (Dwayne Johnson) works in a national park and tends to a population of gorillas. Since Trying to interact with people as little as possible, Davis spends most of his time in the company of animals, and his best friend is the albino gorilla George. Who can communicate using sign language? However, one day the friendship comes to an end due to an unsuccessful experiment. George mutates and turns into a huge monster that destroys everything in its path. Now Davis has to find out what happened to his friend and whether there is an antidote that can cure the gorilla.


2018 / Drama, Crime, Action / USA

Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer, a retired SWAT commander who lost his leg after a failed military operation. He later becomes a leading civilian security expert, marries, and has two children. So, Chinese billionaire, Zhao Long Ji hires Will to inspect the world’s tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. He and his family check into a high-rise hotel next door to Long Ji. However, Will’s peaceful life is disturbed by bandits – during his absence. They start a fire in a skyscraper to get to the billionaire. And now Will, risking his life, must save his family from death and punish the criminals.

The Meg

2018 / Horror, Sci-Fi, Action / USA

A team of specialists suggested that animals that have not been studied to this day live at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. To test the theory, scientists go deep into the ocean on a bathyscaphe. So, Here the ship is attacked by a vast prehistoric megalodon shark, which confirms the guesses of researchers that the bottom of the Mariana Trench is a gas layer hiding the world of ancient animals. Now scientists need to get on land to tell everyone about their discovery. But they are hindered by a hungry megalodon, trying to break the bathyscaphe finally. Then Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), an experienced diver, is called in to help scientists, only he can defeat a dangerous predator and save the researchers.

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