Top 3 Disney Finest Animated Movies

Top 3 Disney Finest Animated Movies
Top 3 Disney Finest Animated Movies
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Lets discuss the Top 3 Disney’s Finest Animated Classics as we look into the narratives of ‘The Rescuers’ (1977), the daring expedition in ‘Atlantis, The Lost Empire’ (2001), and the touching tale of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ (1996). These three films have been liked by the audience of all ages. Each movie provid a unique story that loved by childrens as well as teenagers. From the daring rescue missions in ‘The Rescuers’ to the unique quest for a lost civilization in ‘Atlantis’. And the moving journey of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. These movies loved with great affection by viewer worldwide. Lets immerse ourselves in the great stories of these three films  that have been cherished as animated classics in film industry.

The Rescuers (1977)

In the 70s, Disney left us animated (and animal) classics such as ‘The Rescuers’. Which perhaps today has been somewhat forgotten in favor of other studio titles. But which at the time demonstrated the visual and narrative prowess of Disney.

Synopsis: An orphan girl who has been kidnapped sends a note inside a bottle asking for help. Bernardo and Bianca, two brave mice, members of the International Rescue Society. Receive the message that will take them to the dangerous “Devil’s Swamp”. There, helped by the dragonfly Evinrude and the inhabitants of the swamp. They will live endless exciting adventures fighting against the evil Madame Medusa.

Atlantis, the Lost Empire (2001)

In the spirit of Jules Verne’s novels, ‘Atlantis’ became one of the best and most defendable Disney movies of the 21st century. While we wait for Tom Holland and Zendaya to decide to make a live action remake as Milo and Kida (the candles are on). We will continue to enjoy the purest adventure cinema the studio has ever made.

Synopsis : The cartographer Milo Thatch is determined to complete the search that his grandfather developed for many years. In order to find the disappeared civilization of Atlantis. The discovery of the mysterious Shepherd’s Diary, an ancient book that provides the key to the matter. It will feed the hopes of our hero, who will lead, together with Captain Rourke and his crew, an expedition that sets off in search of the lost empire.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ is Disney’s darkest movie. And it is that, although Disney greatly reduced Victor Hugo’s novel. The final result still contains some tremendously disturbing moments. Worst? Judge Frollo’s song ‘Hellfire’, where he demonstrates his suppressed lust for Esmeralda. It is for this daring that we count this film among the studio’s most admirable.

Synopsis: Hidden from the eyes of all the citizens of Paris, at the top of the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral, lives Quasimodo. His guardian, Judge Frollo, never allows him to come down from the Bell Tower. In the company of three likeable stone gargoyles, Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. Quasimodo spends hours watching the bustling comings and goings of people. Until one day, he decides to go down secretly and meets the beautiful Esmeralda, with whom he will live his greatest adventure.

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