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Best Chris Pratt’s Movies
Best Chris Pratt Movies
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He masters the lead in different movies and also has a list of remarkable voiceovers, not forgetting his filmography which has a few dark and dramatic features. The question is however which one is his best? However, there’s only one way to determine that: dance off, bro. Check out Empire’s list of The Best Chris Pratt Movies right now:


Having spent most of the ‘00s turning himself into a sleek, mighty, and sexy starsailor all in one go: this Pixar animation allowed Pratt to revert into adorable schlub mode. Think inner Jack Black when he should be Bailey Lightfoot; a metal-loving teenage elf who spends his time playing Quests Of Yore which has some D&D vibes going on. He needs an adventure to go on desperately. This comes in handy when his younger brother Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) tries to bring their dead dad back for just minutes but they get stuck with only his legs. So too do brothers – without forgetting the pair of legs – embark upon a journey through fantasyland in search of the rock-like thingamajig that can make it happen once more. It is very funny and like any good Pixar film, it still manages to touch upon some pretty deep things without being too dark or hopeless at all times. Partly because they are former Marvel buddies Pratt and Holland bouncing along almost gracefully together here and their fraternal love is what makes this movie magical.

The Lego Movie

Emmett Brickowski is your average everyday Lego man working in an ordinary Lego construction site down at Bricksburg pulling down stuff and then building them up right away once again respectively in turn. As far as he knows, everything seems fine within the society of Legos where he resides until he gets involved in a quest aimed at stopping Lord Business who has gone mad over gluing everything up so that nothing will ever change any more. Voice acting isn’t an easy task, but even among such a big-name cast here – especially Will Arnett as Batman in Lego – Pratt comes across as something else having moved on from mere enthusiasm. His final words to Lord Business about the role of fantasy were specifically touching: “Look at all these things that people built! You might see a mess… what I see are people, inspired by each other.” It is somewhat of a miracle that The Lego Movie, which was such a strange concept initially (credit should go to Phil Lord & Chris Miller for this stroke of genius), turned out so great and has since been tried many times over with varying degrees of failure. But it did have its moments of awesomeness.

Zero Dark Thirty

Her movie Zero Dark Thirty is the best film of the era of cynicism and doubt. He is a Seals Team 6 member named Justin Lenihan, also known as Pratt who represents the government’s hands and eyes as well as anyone who felt hurt or outraged by 9/11 but he’s more than just a finger pulling a trigger. She challenges Jessica Chastain’s CIA analyst over bad intelligence and lost causes from her past, bringing in a particularly post-War on Terror jadedness. She wants Bin Laden dead desperately; however, Pratt and his seal team are emblematic of whether it was worth what it cost. It is one of the Best Chris Pratt Movies.

Avengers: Infinity War

Would calling this a Chris Pratt joint be cheating? Maybe not, exactly. Well maybe just slightly. But it is about as much of a Chris Pratt Movie as it is a Beardy Chris Evans Movie or even a Purple Josh Brolin Movie. The Guardian’s presence and goofy fun they bring to Marvel Studios’ opening salvo – particularly their hilarious moments with Thor and Tony Stark – plus their collective devastation at hearing Gamora has died are mostly what make it work so well for me anyway. As Peter Parker tries to rip that gauntlet off Thanos’s hand while Mantis (Pom Klementieff) struggles to keep him under control, Quill finally gets his opportunity to be a hero- though he ends up mistakenly punching Thanos leading to himself being turned into dust along with half the universe floating aimlessly through space forevermore. You had such a good plan, Peter! Why did you ruin it?!

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