Top 3 Best Asian Horror Movies

Top 3 Best Asian Horror Movies
Top 3 Best Asian Horror Movies
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Dive into the gripping worlds of “Ichi the Killer” (2001), “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003), and “Eerie” (2018). As we explore the depths of darkness and unravel chilling mysteries. Brace yourself for a relentless journey filled with suspense, psychological twists, and spine-tingling horror. Follow the twisted path of Ichi the Killer’s violent quest for vengeance, witness the haunting secrets of two sisters and the sinister forces that surround them, and navigate the eerie corridors of a school haunted by a haunting past. These films will keep you on the edge of your seat, immersing you in a realm where fear lurks around every corner. Get ready to experience captivating narratives that will captivate, unsettle, and draw you in. So here is the list of the Best Asian Horror Movies.

Ichi the Killer (2001)

Based on the haunting and ultraviolent manga of the same name, ‘Ichi the Killer’ is still to this day one of the archipelago’s most brutal horror films. Yakuza gang boss Anjo disappears with a prostitute and a million yen. His trusted man, Kakihara, is desperately looking for him… With Tadanobu Asano and Shinya Tsukamoto as protagonists. This search will turn into a real hunt when Kakihara discovers that the disappearance was, in any case, a kidnapping and that it was most likely a kidnapping. His boss has been minced by a particular new serial killer, “Ichi”.

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

BOM Film V Productions, Masulpiri Pictures

This disturbing psychological thriller follows two teenagers, Soo-Mi and Soo-Yeon. Who returns home from the asylum to their loving father and deranged stepmother. The two sisters, already residing in the new house, will endure constant bother and harassment from their stepmother (in a classic fashion). They will endure the pain for the sake of their father. However, strange phenomena begin to happen when horrible dreams of their late mother’s ghost begin to haunt them. Even in broad daylight.

Eerie (2018)

Star Cinema Productions, Pelikulared, Media East Productions, Cre8

‘Eerie’ marks the first foray into horror by prolific Filipino director Mikhail Red, known for his commitment to social issues. The film follows Pat Consolation, a counselor at a religious school who is helping her student body deal with the suicide of her classmate Erika. But when the students begin to say that Erika’s ghost haunts them, Pat begins to doubt whether she committed suicide and launches into her own investigation. But why would the nuns want to stop her from finding the truth about her?

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