The 5 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

5 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies
5 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies
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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the last genuine movie stars in Hollywood. He has never appeared as a superhero, starred alongside his family, or even featured in a sequel-slash rerun – if we exclude his maiden appearance in fur-clad alien DTV fare Critters III (we do not). The Titanic alum has been lighting up the box office and collecting accolade-winning roles for three decades hence it is little surprise that he made it to our list of the 5 Best Actors Ever. So here are the 5 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies.

5) Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019)

DiCaprio might be said to be in a phase where he alternates between idiots and geniuses for characters. Killers Of The Flower Moon: genius. Don’t Look Up: moron. Before that, however, there was Rick Dalton in Quentin Tarantino’s wistful affectionate tribute to late-sixties Los Angeles. Although Brad Pitt’s abs got most of the attention, Dalton is the smartest fool Leo ever played- an actor who can feel himself fading into obscurity but then hot young things Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski move in next door. Dalton spends much of the movie trying to rewrite his story so as to have a victorious ending than what appears obvious; this narrative culminates with an explosive coda at the climax. This remains DiCaprio’s only movie where he uses a flamethrower on bad guys.

4) Killers Of The Flower Moon (2023)

Finally after more than two decades since first appearing in Martin Scorsese’s film Gangs of New York, Leo reunites with Robert De Niro another favorite muse of Scorsese, in this powerful and realistic reenactment of a killing spree aimed towards Osage Indians living among oil fields discovered near Pawhuska Oklahoma during early1920s. Leonardo plays Ernest Burkhart’s husband Mollie Burkhart(Lily Gladstone) and the most vulnerable pawn to his uncle William (Robert De Niro) who wanted to control Osage Indians from their oil and wealth. Even as Ernest commits more crimes against Mollie and her extended family, DiCaprio continues to make him a likable, yet complex character with no conscience. This is a huge part of an enormous film.

3) Titanic (1997)

When you think about it, the main role of Leo’s early career did not require much of him. Jack is a free spirit who lives for today, throws out his arms wide, and looks pretty. In the hands of another actor, he might have been just another generic romantic lead eaten up by a historical disaster epic. So it’s astonishing that Jack and Rose are still discussed as though they were real people, which is also probably why Titanic did so well at the box office; the chemistry between Winslet and DiCaprio was truly electric. However masterful James Cameron may be at sinking ships in spectacular ways, you only sit through it once for the spectacle; you watch it seven times again to see if Jack and Rose will survive this round.

2) Inception (2010)

In DiCaprio’s thief era at its center, rubbing shoulders with The Wolf Of Wall Street and Catch Me if You Can, Christopher Nolan’s mind-expanding heist-in-a-heist-in-a-heist-in-a-dream thriller Inception stands as a milestone in real popular thinking cinema. Dominic Cobb is a professional dream thief played by DiCaprio who is a master of extracting vital information from people while they are asleep. He is hired to use his skills to implant an idea into someone’s mind for another person’s gain. But Cobb has an ace up his sleeve that could ruin everything. It is a wildly imaginative film that probably pushed Nolan into orbiting the heavens.
However, none of it would work, let alone have us still talking about that cliffhanger ending if Dicaprio had not been able to carry it off with such hard-to-discern yet very contained kind of charisma.

1) The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Hmm-MMmMMmMmM! thump-thump. Hmm-MMM! Thump-thump!. About Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, kingpin of illicit activities, think of him as Frank ‘Catch Me if You Can’ Abagnale Jr’s evil older brother: completely amoral, pitiless, and focused only on siphoning out money from anyone who foolishly trusts him. When he loses his job during Black Monday in 1987, he bounces back by inflating stock prices aggressively before finally dumping them and taking off with the profits made along this line. He becomes another young broker’s shamanic figure – until now classic Scorsese goes too far and it all falls apart.

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