Top 6 Cinematic Action Thriller Movies

"Un millón en la basura (1967): Spanish comedy about a mistaken suitcase with one million pesetas, leading to chaotic and humorous situations."

Agent James Bond falls in love, battles Blofeld, and faces tragedy. George Lazenby stars in this 1969 Bond film.

Dystopian film "Brazil" (1985) follows a bureaucrat's surreal journey in a totalitarian society, blending dark humor with political satire.

"Rocky IV (1985): Boxer Rocky Balboa faces Soviet powerhouse Ivan Drago in a Cold War showdown, battling for victory and redemption."

Amnesiac mom discovers past as deadly operative, battles old enemies. Explosive action, thrilling espionage, and identity unravel in 1996's "The Long Kiss Goodnight."

"L.A. Confidential (1997): Neo-noir crime drama set in 1950s Los Angeles, unraveling corruption among cops and a scandalous Hollywood underworld."