My Old Ass Review

Despite something of a high-concept premise involving shroom-induced time-traveling, nothing in My Old Ass is overly complicated –, with its life lessons, hilarious bits, and steady character growth, it hits just about every beat you expect from a coming-of-age dramedy. If that description, however, makes you think My Old Ass is too rote or by-the-numbers …

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Top Hollywood Action And Sci-Fi Movies To Watch

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Fantasy/Adventure The groundbreaking adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s Oscar-winning fantasy-heroic epic, among other things, qualifies as a full-length action film (as well as fantasy, melodrama, romantic film, tragedy, road movie, studio of the anti-hero theme, a comedy about close friends of hobbits). And each of the three …

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Argylle Review

When the trailers for Argylle boast of a movie “from the twisted mind of Matthew Vaughn,” there’s something they’re not telling you (besides its actual twists), despite the advertising, this is Vaughn’s sweetest-natured film in years. (Maybe that is the twist.) That does not mean however that his latest semi-comic thriller lacks onscreen violence or …

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