Top 3 Enchanting Romance Films of 2022

It will not be one of the best adaptations of Jane Austen. But it has that point of romanticism that many will look for in this list of romances made on Netflix. Dakota Johnson leads this recent adaptation that is quite a departure from the source material. Although it is set in the Regency era, its tone is so modern that it has earned comparisons with 'Fleabag'.

This teen romantic comedy is endorsed by the producers of Netflix's 'To All the Boys' franchise. So we can expect the most adorable and highly original romances. Based on Jennifer E. Smith's bestseller, the story follows a couple. Who after agreeing to break up before college to continue their adult lives, decide to go on one last epic date. It stars Jordan Fisher, Jennifer Robertson, Julia Benson, Sarah Grey, and more.

Looking for an unpretentious rom-com with modern sensibilities and classic soul. A sense of humor and romance too? One of the first original Netflix movies in 2022. 'The Royal Treatment', offers all of that to whoever is willing to accept it. The story follows Isabella (Laura Marano) and Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud from the new 'Aladdin'). who meet in the strangest of circumstances to turn their lives upside down.

Each movie offers a unique story with an unforgettable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From rekindling old flames to saying goodbye to the past, and even experiencing a taste of royal life, these films have something for everyone. These films showcase a great way of storytelling that brings a touch of royalty to life in unique ways.